TournamentWars Season 2 recording duties

First off, everyone needs to give Jeff a huge thank you/round of drinks/applause/KOOL HAHA! for stepping up and doing an awesome job with the videos for season 1. After talking with Jeff, he has decided to step down for Season 2 due to school and work.

So what do people suggest? I know that Danny has a flip camera also and a laptop but I know Danny also has school and work. If Danny was able to record and do the commentary, I could try to do the editiing/uploading part. Direct feed is also another option, but I will say this right off the bat.

SSFIV videos will not be uploaded onto the youtube channel. Remember the lack of videos that happened around April last year across the country, there’s a reason behind it, and I will be following suit with that as well. So for season 2, we will be uploading the HDR videos, and the season 2 videos after EVO. Possibly a DVD to go with it? Hell even a possibility for a Season 1 DVD also.

So who is down to contribute towards recording matches?

I’ll talk to Jeff and see what he is using for commentary/etc. Uploading it isn’t a problem, I can do editing/etc at work on my downtime on Sundays and then I’d be able to upload them on Monday night. I’d like to have dedicated equipment/etc that we can keep at the AfroDojo or something (for future recording/streaming there) but for now I can try to offer up what I have. I have some headsets as well that would probalby do the trick.

How much does the flip camera cost that Jeff and Danny have? I would consider doing this.

My Flip was like 150$ from Newegg I think.

Though if we are diong a full singles tourney every week and it is the main focus, I think it might be neat to have the main setup (with commentary) and then a secondary setup that is just recording other matches randomly on a setup or something. I really like to give everyone the opportunity to see their video even if they didn’t make top 8 or sometihng.

edit: if we want to record the players too we can try to do that, the only issue is that it adds a lot of time to editing/etc.

Well the headphones and the splitter is property of TW’s. So we’ll have that. I think if you talk to Jeff he can tell you what programs he uses.

Hyre, I think the flip camera was 200 but I might be wrong.

One thing I’d like to really try to pull off this time around is recording the players as well as the matches and see if we can’t edit up something fancy. We’d just need more cameras =[

I have a miniDV cam available for use, even have some fresh empty tapes. Currently, its not getting any use.

Hmm not a bad price on the camera. Are you trying to have one camera for interviews and such?

I’m going to look into the direct feed route as well.

I found this: - Kind of of expensive, but should do the trick? I need to do some research

yes please, because I have no knowledge when it comes to this type of subject matter. I just talk on the mic =D

I actually already have a device amlost exactly like that one (HAVA Plantinum HD) - the issue is taht it records component, and atleast at the Best Western we do not have access to the comopnent inputs on the main TV (they are on the back, and the mount isn’t such taht you can really get back there). We use HDMI on that setup, and HDMI recorders are pretty pricey. :\

Ty to Jeff for dealing with everyone and taking care of business. Good stuff, sir. Drinks inbound.

The question that I have, is, with these recording duties being assigned, how are you guys planning on distributing these videos? It would really be helpful for everyone who’s playing Super 4 to see their own match videos for the sake of research. Understanding the whole STSFN mindset, how are we gonna have people see the videos that are recorded without letting anyone else see them?

Well, you can post videos on private as youtube, though I tihnk for the Singles ranbats which will be SF4 for the time being we iwll just be posting them up on youtube as usualy. After SSF4, I don’t think we’ll be posting them up but we can get them setup/archived and such. Maybe justh ave copies @ the Afrodojo or something? Just have to pay for the price of the DVD or something and we can do a DVD each week. I dunno.

I know Cole has talked aobut having a private library of information basically @ the AfroDojo.

I have some blank DVD’s laying around lol, and they are not that expensive these days.

Also, thanks Jeff for all the videos! Forgot to say that

Edit: Danny cant we use a component to hdmi cable?

We can with an HDMI splitter, but I think they are fairly expensive. And we want HDMI to Component, which is more expensivethan the other way aruond (as we don’t want to add lag/etc to the setup)

This? :

That’s actually exactly what we would want.

And then something like this:

And I think we run in 720P, which would work for my crummy capture thing - if we really want higher quality capture we would probably want to go with the Hauppauge capture thing which is like 200$. The HAVA works OK, but the quality isn’t all that great:

[media=youtube]edBPpumwuGs[/media] <-- Example of my HAVA, though this was over a wireless network so if we had it hardwired to a laptop (it uses Cat5 and then the laptop/computer captures) it would probably be better quality. I have the day off tomorrow and friday, I will see what I can do about cleaning up the image.

lmao that ultra in the first round fucked her up… back on topic… that doesnt look too bad. Could use some other opinions on the quality.

Yeah, and I think if I spent more time in post-processing I could improve it quite a bit. These were pretty lazily just thrown up.

I have a Flip camera (SD, not HD) and a tripod. I’m willing to donate it to the cause to record all you dudes LCFC during the matches. :tup:

That’s a LOT of post-production, though. Whomever is taking over for those duties would have to have a pretty impressive setup to constantly do this each week.