Tourney at China Town Fair, NY NY 07/26/08

Sup guys once again another Marvel tourney. U guyz know the rulez

the day: 07/26/08
the time: 6:30
entry fee: $10

If u need to know the rulez or u have some other question hit me up on aim or post it here. Last tourney had 16 players and i hope to duplicate and improve on the attendance for this tourney. Oh Rudy enter this time, marvel don’t luv cowards…lol

thats whats up,i was just wondering if there was gonna be another one.
i should be able to make it to this one i wont be out of town. 10$ tournies ftw more good matches summer fun woo woo

IMA ENTER THIS TIme i wasted all my money before the tournie last time

See you all there. :slight_smile:
Lincoln is gonna try to save up money for this tourney… :looney:


LMAO:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: hahahhahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahhaha. Yo im on da floor right now lol


Lmfao That shit is funny… AHHHHHHHHH:rofl:

hey Liston, I should be able to make it … I’ll be coming from out of town earlier that day.

I tried to send you a pm, but system says I can’t send you messages.

you think there’d be a good spot I could film from? I could put up a lot more matches if there was an actual spot I could setup camcorder + camcorder stand (small type called gorilla grip).

I saw a lot of people filming last time, but not a lot of matches put on youtube. I can capture a lot more plus money matches since I think people want to see more CF matches on the net.

I will run 3s :slight_smile: see you guys there.

i’m there…

smoothviper needs 2 show up 2 this one liston try 2 get that nigga 2 come

i’ll speak 2 him

I’ll be there…

I wouldn’t Xpect anything less

NO ST? Fucking bummer, if we get 8 heads I will run it. Liston bring extra brackets if u can my ink cartridge is DUN.

aiight man

I think I will make it to this. Liston, any idea when tournies typically end? I was thinking bout catching the 11PM Chinatown bus, haha. Thanks

…I should be there…and I emphasize ‘should’.

u should b good