Tourney dudley here looking for c.vipers

since the dudley forums have no clue about what to do in this mu and gives 0 suggestions about fighting c.viper what should I do?

Are there any c.viper mains on psn? will be getting xbl soon but for now i’d like to discuss/chat/play against a c.viper on psn that somewhat understands how to fight dudley.

When I go against C.viper with dudley it feels like i’m already out of options of what to do against her.

She can ground pound me to death mix it up on me all day, I gotta constantly charge at her because of the fear of the groundpound she does into burning kicks then dudley is basically dead on the ground.

some c.vipers say Focus burning kick=beating c.viper but man does it not WORK. I use cross counter once but then they start doing ridiculous baiting and cancels. If I try to focus the flame kick she hits me with her air to air knee into burning kick. If i try to anti air her she will cancel in MID air with burning kick.

Mainly want to learn this mu to beat wolfkrone and I don’t want to resort to yun to win against this character but instead i’d rather get better with my main avoid yun and get better as a whole and not take the easy route out and counterpick her.

So guys any advice?

EDIT::: one more thing i’d like to point out, as soon as I get the knock down she still is a huge threat. Invincibility uppercut which can trade and can be used as a fadc, her EX fake “whatever it’s called”, can beat overheads of dudley and punish me right afterward, back dash. It’s like i’d rather knock yang down and deal with his guessing game. When I do this guessing game with c.viper it’s either me getting hit into ultra or thunder knuckled.

… This matchup is looking BS already lol. But again i don’t want to pick up yun for this.

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well ill play you on psn and even if you dont find my viper difficult enough i know a few top vipers i could show you. in the matchup siesmos wont hit you from max distance if you hold back and keep walking. this works unless you are in the corner. also you really need to pressure her on wake up and not be scared her uppercut will usually trade and will lose to your over head i think and a few jabs will beat ex siesmo on reaction and ex burn kick is super punishable on block. oh and for burn kicks i would just learn the set ups and the correct ways to block. focusing can be good at the right times but dont always use it. and use cross counter to make the viper scared dont do it often though because when i play against dudleys i expect it and punish hard. hope it helps. my psn id is nufrespect

kk, i added you. looking forward to the matches

wow i didnt even look at you name lol! i remember playing you a while back i screwed you up pretty hard with bks and won but none the less it was still a close match