Tourney holders in columbia need to talk to you

I`m looking for 3S tourneys near Missouri or in it. Also me and a couple friends are tryin to start 3S tourneys (bunch of noobs,including self, entering) but lookin for people who would enter. We are starting it free with no prize because of player problems (skill and quantity). Eventually we hope to get a lot of people and being able to charge for a prize. Anyway if you are interested or just wanna give pointers plz do. Oh yeah the tourney is going to be in Jefferson City.

Wondered if someone could IM me through yahoo because I really want this tourney to be a success.My friends and I are statring the free tourney on the 20th of May or 2nd of June. The rules are a lil wierd cause its a test tourney to see how many people actually like to go. I really need feedbak as soon as possible because theres (if all goes well) going to be more tourneys later during the summer.