Tourney in a couple days. Any training tips?

Im going to enter a tournament pretty soon. I only just started training monday because of my exams. Ive been practicing combos with my evil ryu 100 times per side (completed) and my executions have been getting better. But i know thats not enough. I still have my footsies to work on and my combos are not perfected. The tournamanet is going to be this saturday so is there any advice anyone can give me towards training?

What do you need help with? I’ll get on PSN help you train if need be.

everything pretty much lol. My bro is playing right now and i mostly play night time so is around 9pm est ok?

Cool. Got a mic or skype or something?

Both lol. Ok so just give me ur pan and ill add you later tonight. Mic or skype we can do what u prefer

I suggest you practise your combos on setups with different timings as E.Ryu is heavily dependent on it or at least train them on the type of console(360/PS3). If the tourney is on arcade, then the pc timing is the most similiar. Don’t bother though, if you’re already training them on the competition setups. Doing 1 or 0 frame links on different consoles and different types of arcade cabinets can be very different and it takes a few matches to adjust, especially E.Ryu’s bnb axekick, link. When you’re training this link, look at the inputs and make sure you’re hitting it on the 1st frame instead of the 2nd. Even the size of the TV can affect the lag feel. I think you’re training too much now on the combos and it’ll fuck you up on the day itself if the timings are pretty different.

You definitely wanna go for a few rounds of casual first if they have setups for it during the tournament. Don’t go for the FADC close mp link/far s.lp, far link if you’re not used to the timing on that day.

Learn to timing you need to whiff punish the main footsie normal of characters you’ll expect to run into at the tourney with, EX fb, U2. E.g Ryu’s and Akuma’s sweep. You’ll do much better training on the proper distance and timing to use a fully animated U2 as an AA. You show em you can do this and they’ll ease up on the jump-ins and be more cautious, defensive and definitely demoralised. Generally the match is pretty much won if you can land these on some characters.

And pray you don’t run into good Seths and Sagats.

What tournament you going to??