Tourney worthy?

So far this game as appeared to me as pretty scrubby and kind of reminds me of MV3 but just a tad bit better.

Am I the scrub or is the game itself quite scrubby? It’s weird cuz there are so many mechanics that favor noobs rather than skilled players.

I wanna ask your opinion so far; is this game gonna be a classic type of game? Will it last? Is it worth the effort?

Or is it just another hype game that’ll die out as quickly as it started?

You cant call a game scrubby when its been out for some days.

And we can’t predict how well it’ll be.

Just go practice, have fun :slight_smile:

we just have to wait and see how the game evolves

what’s the point of this thread again?

Them day one accusations too strong, considering its made by capcom its going to be at every tourny

best thread ever

Way too early to decide…wait till after EVO.


Agree, But just in my opion, depending how tournamen handles gems, we wont know. How ever SxT by it self seem decent enoug.

Yeah this game has a lot of newcomer friendly aspects to it, but you won’t be getting anywhere near maximizing your damage etc. by using them.

I really like how they did the link and chain system in this game.


This game grows on me everyday.

The noob friendly tactics are a way to help new people who haven’t played a fighting game of this complexity get started, nothing more. If that somehow turns you off, then you wouldn’t have liked the game anyway.

My only complaint so far is the character list. All of my favorites from SF didn’t make the initial cut.

A game can have mechanics that allows new players to break in to a rather tough scene while also still being deep to allow for creative gameplay. To me it appears that Capcom has went out of their way to include a ton of stuff to help new people along while giving all the hardcore players the depth they need. It’s hard to say this early though since a lot of the tech hasn’t been figured out yet on the latter side.

Also, asking a question like this at the beginning of day +3 is pretty “scrubby” and wreaks of trolling/flame bait.

I know what you mean. My mains in SFIV are Oni and Fei Long :frowning: I did learn a bit of Ibuki but, much like from sfIII to IV, she’s changed a ton.

Play Ogre and Law … haha …

Well I haven’t met someone using n00b tactics that I haven’t beaten yet… except the first dude I played that used Auto-Block Gems … mind fucked me a lil bit but then I realize that the next guy that used them blocking must such so I eat his meter first then his character …

Well if Marvel 3 still has a strong showing at tourneys this game will definetly last a long time. This game is actually really good so far. But who knows what broken shit people will discover in a couple months time.

I wonder if uncheckables/GuardBreaks are possible with long EX moves into Cross Cancel.

with the way games progress these days, it won’t take that long, but it will take a few weeks.

I am actually playing Ogre and Ibuki atm. Not sure about Law. I sort of wanted to keep it one SF character and one Tekken character.

Cool … I am leaving the street fighter characters alone atm cause it is like the Tekken Cast are Completely new characters I want to learn… I Really use to play Tekken alot but I really got serious into fighters with SF4 … this game is GREAT lol