TourneyPlay #3 SSBB/M, SF4, Halo3 - Oct 16th - 18th 2009

STREET FIGHTER IV - Sunday Oct 18th
Registration is 10am.
Bracket will start by NOON
Entry Fee is $20 ($5 to venue, $15 to prize pool) if you are a SFIV only player
If you plan to enter Smash events on Sat/Sun then SFIV is $15 (since you already paid the Venue Fee of $15 for Smash)

VENUE: Seattle Center Pavilion
Warren Ave N & Thomas St
Seattle, Washington, United States
This is just on the north side of Thomas St. ARRIVE EARLY to get free street parking, else you may well have to pay for parking. We are right next to the Key Arena in the Seattle Center Pavilion building (NOT the Center House)

You all will have 4 Xbox 360s at the venue, but only one of them has SFIV unlocked… so we need Hard Drives and SFIV disks. If you want more set ups, then please bring them!!

For the most up to date info, see the following link:

Date: October 16th and 18th 2009

Games: Brawl 2v2/1v1, Melee 1v1/2v2, SF4 1v1 and Halo3 4v4 MLG Style Obj

Time/Schedule: (subject to change based on attendance and venue)
Friday 3pm - Midnight @ GameClucks for Friendlies _ SSB1
Saturday 10am - 10pm @ Venue
*10am - 2pm - Melee 2v2
*2pm - 7pm - Melee 1v1
*7pm - 10pm - Brawl 1v1 Qualifier Brackets
*10am - 10pm - Halo3 4v4
Sunday 10am - 6pm @ Venue
*10am - 2pm - Brawl 2v2
*2pm - 4pm - Brawl 1v1 Champ Bracket
*10am - 6pm - SFIV

Entry Fee’s:
Brawl and Melee

  • Venue Fee $15
  • Brawl 1v1 $20
  • Melee 1v1 $15
  • Brawl 2v2 and Melee 2v2 $10 per Person per Event
  • ENTER ALL 4 SMASH EVENTS for $60/Person
    Street Fighter IV - $20
    Halo3 4v4 - $120 per Team
    Spectator Only Fee $5

Prizes: TBD and based on #s and Sponsors
Brawl 1v1 will have a $750 guaranteed 1st place prize.
Melee 1v1 will have a $500 guaranteed 1st place prize.
Halo3 will pay out at 40%, 20%, 10%

Sponsors: GameClucks, Game Juice, Play N Trade Kirkland and Tacoma (finalizing deal with them), Loud Truck Gummi.
We will have Game Juice for sale and sample (I hope on sample). GJ is $2.00 and with every bottle sold we will hand out a free packet of Citrus Blast Energy Gummi’s (while the gummies last)

Set Up Plan:
Plan is to have 15 set ups for tournament time, and then 5-10 set ups for friendlies for the SSB* game not bieng played in tournament at the time.
FRIENDLIES WILL BE GREATLY RESTRICTED during tournament time. Once the brackets are done, you can friendly your brains out, but if you are playing a friendly or MM on a tournament TV, or are late to your announced match due to a friendly, you WILL BE DQ’ed. Tournament is FIRST, friendlies and MMs are SECOND. Get the event done, you can do whatever you want.

Planned Broadcasts/Updates: Live Stream, special edition of Radio GameClucks, Twitter updates, bracket updates posted when possible, maybe blogging…?

Be sure to bring some flyers to NWM and we can definitley start up a thread for it in the NW forum.

Will do.


We want 50ish SF4 players at this!!

Lower Venue/Entry Fee is in the works for SF4.

Someone please sticky???

Good luck. It’s the same weekend as Seasons Beatings 4 and Daigo’s attendance was just announced.


I think we can definitely make 50 happen. I don’t think to many people in the NW are traveling for Seasons Beatings. We’ve had 50 at our local bi-weeklies, so I think its a solid goal.

If you guys haven’t posted this in the Northwest Discussion yet, then I definitely suggest you guys do so. I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t know that this is going down and I know a lot of people in the NW section do not check the tournaments and events section.

Will post there also… I think I may have already though… will double check though.

Made updates to the Halo entry and payouts.