TourneyPlay presents PNW Fighter Series I - SSF4, Brawl, N64 Smash - Aug 21st 2010

Date: August 21st 2010

Time: 10am - Midnight (later if needed). Schedule TBD

Venue: GameClucks - 18717 76th Ave W, Lynnwood WA 98036
Venue Set Up:** We will clear GC out for the most part and have the 10x20 tent set
up in the parking lot. Running games in an orderly fashion will make this event
easy to manage and give us the space needed.
Games:** SSF4 1v1 and 3v3, Brawl 1v1 and 2v2,
N64 Smash (because I promised GC TVs to the N64 guys on this day)

  • Super Street Fighter 4 has the PRIORITY at this event, then N64, then everything else…*
    TP League Finals for Smash will be at the Sept GC

Entry Fees:**
Venue: $5 (For Players and Casuals - True Spectators are Free)
Events: $10 each except SSF4 3v3 which is $5

Prizes: Based upon total entries
For All Events - 60%, 25%, 10%, 5%

Food: Lots of places close by. I can give you directions and recommendations. We have Pop/Water/Energy Drinks at GC also.

EVO Monitor Set Ups:
If you can bring one, let me know and I will waive the Venue Fee. First only first 5 or 6 people, as we do not need that many set ups as I have 2 Viewsonics, 2 30" LCDs and 10 CRTs we can use a mix of as needed. I own 8 Xboxs also.
Evo Monitor + Cables + SSF4 Disk


N64 and Brawl from 10am - 4pm
SSF4 - 4pm ++

Some additional details coming for Smash events if this in fact ends up being the League Season Final event.

Let’s do it Seattle! Post up if you’re trying to help out. Danny n Slash, it’d be awesome to get a buff stream running. GC has the awesome internet connection to make it happen. 3v3 teams are going to be crazy. I suggest forming teams soon, I’ll edit this post and update it with teams.

3v3 rules -

-Blind Select forced, blind select on team(player) order as well
-for the 3v3, 3/5 rounds, 1 game per player: Two players face off, the loser is eliminated from his team, then the next person (in previously determined order) from the losing team fights the winner. Repeat until one team is eliminated, winning team advances. Finals/Grand Finals remain in the same format to save time. This is actually the origional TW format. I liked it. Maybe, based on time, have Grand Finals be a 3/5 rounds, first team to beat the opposing team twice wins (2/3).

  • Winner can switch his Ultra between players at will.
  • Blind select forced between players on 3v3.

Thanks Grrk dope rule set

3v3 teams -

  1. Team Underdog - Bokkin, Bowflex, Riki-Oh
  2. Contra Force- Cole, Connor, Tanaka
  3. Akon, Mos Def, and Jacob - Mandel, KK, Thefuture
  4. Shenanigans: Part Deux - Hyre, Jodo, Heavy D
  5. Better Jurassic aka Doomsday Warriors aka Team Sagat aka “Don’t you ever embarrass me at Cheesecake Factory ever again!” - Vivek, Duncan, Dustin
  6. TrantoPitoRyboy- Trantodeck, ryboy, pito
  7. Team Salem: Ronnicle, ChinesePanda, and Kwyjibo
  8. Monica, Shawn, Devin
  9. Team UW- Alex (nightodyssey), Paul (marus), and myself (JDotCDot)

Sweet. I’ll probably be down to help out if I can make it…I expect to see all you post-evo-and-still-hungry players show!

If a schedule is made, I might be able to make it out to something in the evening, if not I could always just hang out.

Sounds like fun, I should be there

Gonna miss this. Have a wedding to go to that weekend.

Sorry, Hempfest is that weekend so I am going to be torn up pretty pretty bad plus ill be working the booth.

Streaming will be happening. Things are in the works

damn charging for spectators.

I agree…that is pretty gross…:confused:

I saw you LOOK, That will be $5!

My " Thats Grimey " sense is tingling…

if youre really trying to get people to come into the community, charging isnt best way. lots of people dont have the confidence to just join a tourney, especially if they dont know what the competition is like. so making an entrance fee will deter people from even checking it out, let alone playing in it. id be pissed if i had to pay an extra 5 bucks for my girl to come in and watch me lose.

^^yeah he does have a point, at first I thought it was a good idea. The more the money it brings in the better, but on the other hand, it would totally suck for people that have no intention at all to actually play any of the games in tourney. Paying just watch because one of your friends or bf/gf is in the tournament is pretty bad,I do wanna enter,might actually have a 3vs3 team up for it too

It’s not his job to get more people in the community, it’s his job to put on an event for people to play competitively in.

Sorry, but GC will be crowded like last TourneyPlay, meaning keeping an eye out to make sure people aren’t just walking in and sitting down at the stations to play for free is the main reason the Spectator fee is in place.

This isn’t just a little house event where it happens on occasion, this is the guys business/occupation. Let’s try not to rag on an event especially if you were more than likely not going to attend in the first place.


Dug will be there.

I would post the first 3v3 team (mine) but it might be so buff that it would make other teams not sign up :sweat:

Your team is too stacked -_-

I will be showing up to this of course.

ok. but i wont tell other niggas to hit this up if hey gotta pay to watch. tournament was at the BW was free. but they had a drink minimum. niggas were comin in at random in there. and thats a buisness too. there has to be something more to offer the spectators for 5$. and knowing that its gonna be packed because of last year is the perfect reason to start charging spectators fee. well, i doubt ill be that packed once people who didnt plan on joining the tourney dont show up.

i guess you better tell people to go to GW then, since they gotta pay to play casuals too, since thats the main reason theres a fee for spectators. thats (gameworks) a buisness as well.

bloody knuckles had an entrance fee for everyonem BUT they provided a bar (meaning they had to pay a bartender) and an art gallery. the whole point was the art gallery, the perk was a huge tournament and casuals.

i could go on, cuz i know this post was directed at me, even though i wasnt even quoted. but i know by the end of the day, my shitll be edited and/or ill have an infraction.

and yea, i probably wouldnt go cuz i already got pax off, which is the next weekend i believe. im not ragging on the event, im just putting out my opinion on a spectator fee. man if evo did that, theyd have cash money.

sounds more like the organizer is trying to come up then anything else…

If they were really worried about people getting free play, Have at entrance $10, with $7 of it going to the pot. Nobody can rationally explain to me, how charging spectators is anything but a person trying to come up…

First, it wasn’t directed at you specifically Josh. I see 4 posts right after the other of people who more than likely would not attend be it reasons such as being out of state, having better stuff to do, or just never came to a GameClucks event. The point remains, people can draw their own conclusions, but this kind of shit happens on the forums, it is inevitable so I’m not trying to blame anyone. Just figure instead of coming into someone’s event thread and start bitching about the way they do things, simply put if it’s not productive, then don’t post it.

Your examples can all be countered, but there’s no point in swinging this around looking immature. The points are simple and clear: $5 to spectate (More than likely get a couple casuals in while you’re there), record matches, get hyped, cheer on your homies.

Just let’s all stop the hate.

Did anyone say he wasn’t trying to come up? It’s his livelihood, aka the way he pays his bills and lives off of. Can you tell me why he shouldn’t try to come up a little? Take a look at the business model for a LAN Center/Internet Cafe looks sometime Jetay. I used to want to open an Arcade/LAN Center for competitive gaming, but after researching myself, fuck that.