TourneyPlay Washington Local League....?

So as some of you may know, Gimpyfish knows, I think Riki-Oh prob also knows…

Anyway with the site, we have started leagues for Halo and Smash.

Does the Washington SSF4 community have (or any other fighting game for that matter) have an interest in doing this also?

The basics are this:
75% of entry fee’s paid out that day in prizes (paid out to 3rd place minimum)
15% of entry fee’s goes to GameClucks/TourneyPlay for venue and admin
10% of entry fee’s go toward boosting the League Final event’s prize pool.

The 10% Hold Over is added to the Season Final event, along with a slightly higher entry fee for that event to make for a pretty solid prize pool.

For example, using Smash, we average about 32 people in Singles 1v1, at $10 entry, 10% is about $32 per event
Season Final will be a $15 entry, with top 16ish automatically advanced to the "Pro Bracket"
We then allow anyone who had been to at least 1 (ONE) of the reg season events to enter a “Am Bracket” for $10, to play for 8 wild card spots. (we require you to have played in a league event to prevent someone like a Mew2King from coming and raping everyone for money when he has no stake in it)
IF you make it to the 8 wild card spots you then pay an additional $5 for the Pro Bracket

SO 24 ppl at $15 each, PLUS prob 10-15 at $10 (Am Bracket) PLUS 10% Hold Over from previous events (5 reg season events)
24x15 = 360
10ish x10= 100ish
5x30ish = 150
Final Event Prize Pool is about $600
We usually pay out 40% to 1st, so about $240 1st place for the final event.

ANYWAY thats the basics of what we are doing for Halo and Smash, we would love to add SSF4 to the TourneyPlay League set up, ESPECIALLY since we are working toward a West Coast MLG like league (the TourneyPlay Gaming League), where we will eventually (starting in Sept I hope) launch 6 major events on the West Coast, plus add Game Centers to the league for monthly events up and down the Coast.

Let me know whats up!
I think Gimpyfish, Duggish, Riki-Oh and some others can vouch for me and what I do. Many of you have met me and know about GameClucks also…

–GC Guy

Yeah Chris is a cool, trust worthy event hoster.

I might be down, but are games played online? I don’t do online too well.

Depending on when the matches are being played at Gameclucks I would be interested.

edit: Going to be doing streaming/etc of these events?

We would do the events/games at GC, so not online.

We can/would live stream if you wanted too. I will talk to Dr.Mario12 and see what his schedule is, unless one of you all has ls equipment and wants to do it.

As for when, I would prefer monthly events for this, so we would just need to work on a schedule for it.

Monthly would be a smart choice, considering we have a season-style event going on already.

So hey, people. What do you think? Chris is posting to scope the interest.

I’m game.

Count me in.

Well I’m obviously in haha

how often would we play on average per month @ GC, and what days/ times are we looking at potentially?

i would be interested in this, but transportation and work is a factor unless we could see a potential schedule that’s like 3 weeks in advance. Is that possible?

So here is a link to my schedule as it stands right now through February (no SSF4 is on there because I made this before I posted this thread)

So Sundays are the “easiest” day as I have virtually nothing booked on Sundays.
We can prob make Saturdays work also, but it would 3rd or 4th Sat per Month most likely.

If a Week Night worked, I would be down with that also.

i knew you’d be all over this as soon as that super random last minute street fighter tourney i held had such good attendance haha

i’m VERY glad because street fighter is TIGHT and it being at gameclucks means more smashers that i know will be around and entering periodically.

good show good show

I also may be interested in Starcraft2 shenanigans once it comes out.

Gameclucks, are you looking to setup streaming for your events any time soon?

We currently stream tourneyplay events - I’m working on something interesting for streaming too

interested for sure.

Dr.Mario12 does streaming right now for SMash and would prob come in for SF also.

I am also trying to get some sponsors to turn TourneyPlay into a West Coast MLG like thing, and with that would come building two live stream comps for GC/TP.

Winner takes all.

Ok, I am working on getting a solid streaming setup of mine going as well so could potentially just bring that up for the SSF4 stuff.

I would absolutely go to this.

I’d be interested.

OK…so we need to start to set a schedule and work on some details.

I will go through my schedule and try and find a couple dates for the first 2 events and then we will go from there.

Should have that done in a couple of days and posted.

Gameeecluuuckkkssssssss, holla at some counter strike