Tournies in WI

Hey everyone, I found this site while googling SF tournaments. Good to see this game is still going strong…now SF IV is on it’s way and looks pretty slick.

I guess I was just wondering if there were tournaments in the WI area. I’m located in Appleton, WI…just south of Green Bay.

If there is such a thing, what platform is the standard?

I’d say my preferences are the Arcade/SNES version of SF II Turbo. I even have the SF Anniversary PSX game.

Any info would be awesome.

p.s. I seen a WI thread at the top, but the fact there there are 800+ replies to it…might take me a while to page through it!

Go ahead and post up in the wisconsin thread with info like your name, location, and games you play.

Welcome to the scene! Its always cool getting new players. The guys from WI are really cool and nice so give em a shout in their thread (dont worry about reading through all those pages, most of it is just old news and random stuff thats passed).

Speaking of tournys, you missed a great one held up in Greenbay not too long ago.

Don’t worry, the wi thread is just 800 replies of spam.

y e s

Yo, where are the tournies at in WI. im from oshoksh.

They were holding tourneys in Racine last summer.

when’s the next tournament?