Tourny at Versis Schedule feedback

Yo guys. I’m thinkin about throwing a tourny here in a few weeks and I’d like to
know what day would be best for you guys???.. I’m thinkin either friday night, Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon.

For Saturday Business is normally boosted that day anyways and if we are to have one there. The entry fee will be upped to $10 dollar per game. Right now I’m thinkin of running HDR and SFIV. If so its gonna be $10 entry fee for that day and partial amount going to the venue to cover their losses. They would take a certain percentage of the entry fee. Which we are still talking over.

Other options are Sunday which we would be able to run with no issues of losses and more stations to run tourny would be available. Not sure what your guys schedule is but would like to know so we can get a good turn out. Sunday sounds good to but some peeps may just like to relax that day but would be a good time to run too since everyone may be home that day.

Friday could be a good day as well since most of us like to game that night and some peeps go to versis on a regular and if we did it on a friday it would be an evening tourny starting at around like 8pm.

Either way chanchai is willing to work with us whatever we decide. If we do do it for a saturday thought, entree fee will be $10.00. bigger pot.

However I’m thinking of doing it on XBOX 360 again. but if someone wants it on PS3 then if we can get a PS3 volunteer we’ll do it. Holla peoples, we gotta sharpen peeps up for Evol!

good idea, work schedules are the only thing that i can see getting in the way of this.

i currently am working fri-tues 10-1900.

; 3;

Friday night sounds hot to me. We can follow it up with some poker action too.

Some of my personal comments (as a representative of Versis):

Friday - I’m kind of excited about this option if people are interested in it. Would likely have to start at 8pm or later. Would probably run past midnight. I’m willing to jump on shift after midnight to keep the store open and reduce the cost to the store on that (normally, we’d have to worry about paying employees extra past midnight). I don’t know how many stations Versis can set aside for this option (have to talk about it with the owner), but it would be more than whatever could be offered for Saturday (if Saturday is even an option). And yes, a poker night could be planned for after the tournament too :slight_smile: In fact, the owner would hope for that hehehe.

Saturday - Very difficult for Versis to do. I can’t give a final answer on this one now, but it’s likely that the owner just can’t have the tournament on Saturday because it disrupts the business too much and Saturdays are too important in Versis’ normal business operations right now.

Sunday - For Versis, this is the best option and more stations would be available for the tournament. Sundays is when Versis can be at its most flexible and accommodating to the tournament.


If we do go with friday that’d be cool. I’ll call it Fight Night!
never had a night tourny before so it sounds interesting.

we can do poker night in between matches

Friday nights sound coo.

Some people might have transportation issues on Friday nights and you might not get as much turnout. Friday or Sunday works for me though.

i work till 1030 so i’ll have to do some follow up casuals ^^

This Friday?

Friday Night!

Just run it like next Friday. It’s been too long since the last tournament.

what do you like chanchai???

is next week too soon or 2 weeks from now would be better

for preparations???

for peeps that have transportation issues up there, we can carpool
after meeting up at lloyd or something. Im not sure how you’ll get back
home though.

As you can see we’re kinda anxious to get one going soon.

just a note I get off work at 6:00 but i might be able to knock off early depending on what time you guys are starting.

next tourny tekken 6 and sf4?

Friday would be perfect.

Letting everyone know on this thread that a tournament has been set.

SF4/HDR Tournament 4/17 @ Versis

Sorry for the confusion to people since this tournament is named “Fight Night.” It was named that way because it’s on Friday Night, but I can see it confusing people since we tend to call the Thursday Night sessions Fight Night too hehehe.

I’m curious to see how viable Friday Nights are for tournaments. But in terms of player response, Friday seemed unanimous :slight_smile: