*Tourny Over, Results posted*Bring on the Paign! Champaign/Urbana

Here we go everyone! Champaign/Urbana’s first big tournament brought to you by the people of UIUC. Its been a brainchild of some of us for quite a while and we want to make this a great event for the Midwest!

Where: Champaign/Urbana, Illinois at the Siebel Center. Rooms 3403 and
3405 (third floor) (big rooms, not hotel rooms lol)

      Address:        201 N. Goodwin Avenue
                            Urbana, IL 61801

      Pics:               http://www.cs.uiuc.edu/about/pictures.php?page=1
                            (this building in niiiiiiiiiiiiice)

When: Saturday, October 13th 2007

                            Sign ups begin at 12:00pm and tournament begins at                

Games: $10 entry per game. Cash payout 70-20-10. All games 2/3 double elim.

       Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (ps2)
       Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (ps2)
       Capcom vs SNK 2 (ps2)
       Marvel vs Capcom 2 (DC)
       Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (DC)

  Melty Blood Act Cadenza (ps2) - Only $5 Entry
*Other dollar tournaments may be run as well (HNK, JoJo's, Garou, etc.)

http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/9462/tourny2fo2.jpg (flyer)

Entrance $5 dollar entry fee. Goes towards purchasing of food for
everyone. Extra money will be put into the pot of the two
games with the highest turnout.


One room will probably be just for the tournament while the second room we plan on playing some movies on a projector for people to chill and relax to while they are waiting to play.

*I know I can get a couple of DC’s for Marvel but if anyone would want to bring one it would be greatly appreciated. This also goes for ps2’s, we should have more than enough, but if any is brought we would be thankful.

*Standard Evo style rules are in effect for all games. (You should know them)

You can go ahead and prereg if you want as well


 Name: Humbag
 Location: Champaign
 Games: 3s, GG, CvS2, MvC2, etc

Hope to see you all here!


My contact info.

real name: James Cardoni
Phone #: 1-309-532-4245


This place had some rooms, last I checked. IF YOU NEED A HOTEL ROOM, RESERVE A ROOM HERE QUICK

I think they were like $120 and you’re allowed to fit 4 people inside (you can get more secretly, I guess). That’s $30 a person for one night, and I believe it’s within walking distance of the campus.

There is Illini Madness going on on the 12th so most hotels are booked*

I would just keep trying various hotels if not the one above because some people are bound to cancel their rooms.

We are still trying to house as many peeps as possible.

Attendees ( so far ):

-Humbag (UIUC)
-Aegis Neglector (UIUC kinda)
-Africa (UIUC)
-Chojin (UIUC)
-Joe (UIUC)
-Steve (UIUC)
-Hlam (UIUC)
-Danchin (UIUC)
-Orka (Chi)
-Riot Guard (IN)
-722 (MO)
-Sigmae (Chi)
-Floe (Chi)
-Kennywood (Chi)
-Part2 (Chi)
-MadBooFace (UIUC)
-Arsenal (WI)
-Keits (WI)
-David (IN)
-j1n (WI)
-Luigi-Bo 87 (Peoria)
-Capps Indigo (Chi)
-NappyJin (WI)
-Vega (IN)
-MrGoneHatesYou (IN)
-Juicy G (Chi)
-Randall Stroup (Peoria)
-Greg Smith (Peoria)
-Nives (Chi)
-MightyMar (Chi)

so this is being run from two hotel rooms?

no they are 2 big meeting rooms in a big assed campus building

its a really nice place but no food in the rooms, you can eat outside of them though

We should point out that the focus on this tournament is to be not shitty and boring, but in fact, fun.

  1. We have a venue that is big and roomy and in a good location with parking nearby.

  2. While the tournament is going on, we’ll have another whole room to dick around in. Most likely, we’ll show movies and stuff so people can take a break from games when they need it.

  3. Food will be provided. Humbag and I will go and get food for everybody around dinner time so that nobody will have to leave to get it themselves. Instead of eating shitty McDonalds and Taco Bell, we’ll get sandwiches or pizza or whatever people want. This way, we’ll avoid a bunch of stupid crap (people leaving to get food and delaying the tourney, nasty, runny shits from eating disgusting tourney food, etc).

  4. After the tournament, there’s a bunch of shit to do:

  • There are a shit-load of bars on campus that you only need to be 19 to get into. There are freshman bars if you want an easy lay, bars with dance floors if you need to get your groove on, and bars with a decent beer selection if you just want to hang out.
  • Within 5-minutes driving distance (20 minute walk or so) off campus, there are a lot of real cool bars with great beer selections and live music.
  • The student union has bowling, pool, and DDR.
  • There’s a lot of good late-night food available. Most places stop delivering at around 3 AM or so.

I’ll probably have some people at my place to play GG afterwards and I’m sure there will be a venue for Capcom as well.

somebody house me, please. :lovin:

james and scott, all alcohol is on me friday (saturday?) night! drink until beer start leaking out of your nose and anoos. i say we hit murphy’s, brothers, or joe’s… or all of them!! :tup:

or drink expensive/weird beers at one of them downtown bars.

sounds nice. i hope i can swing the trip. (this is right after i get back from a vacation in florida so i dont know…)

can we have water in the meeting rooms?

I desperately want to go to this, but school may interfere.

I plan on housing some of the Third Strike players for the night. Those interested, let me know since I have limited space. Hope you can all make it.

Sounds nice, but with ECC right around then I dunno how that will affect travel arrangements.

GL though. I’ll def try to catch the next one, sounds like a nice setup.

edit: Like I said I def want to support your stuff – if the next one is like early next year or whenever I’ll be there.

you aint gonna come? awww

i dont think it will effect ecc since it will be a week after that tourny (plus i dono how many IL or other peeps is goign to that one)

most of us are trying for nec though

I will make it and Tetsua will probably ride with me. How far is the drive from Indianapolis?

1:30-2 hours

not too bad really when we drove to indy from here

Of course I’m housing you, fuck!

I’m not stepping foot inside of Joe’s… Murphy’s is OK, but I’d rather head to Blind Pig or something.

balls, yeah!! man, i would be down for Blind Pig!!!

Word? I’ll hit this up.

And I can supply Super Turbo + DC, no prob.

hey sounds good, be glad to meet you for real this time (i was at that indy tourny)

well, i was hinting blind pig also. but how the hell are we gonna get there without somebody driving? cabbie dat shit down?

only bad memory i have with blind pig is that a marine began hitting on me one night. wtf. :confused:

EDIT: what’s wrong about joe’s? you don’t like dancing hoes?

Joe’s is awesome I think, although I had some bad memories over there as well, I think most of the girl I picked up were from over there… :slight_smile:
if if there isn’t enough room at Scott you can also crash at my place… haha.
until then, humbag make the flyer so that I can start puting them up all around campus…

EDIT: did you also create another thread on dustloop humbag???

yeah i did, i put it on dloop aswell