Towards+rh reset hadouburst

is this new to anyone? i don’t see it being in the threads (maybe it’s too useless? heh)

i’m pretty sure it only works against the wall so it may seem irrelevant.

i tried this against several decent players with success: s.rh then instead of parrying low or teching, do towards+rh reset hadou burst

biggest waste of super ever. only works on ultimate scrubs. who can’t parry a 1 hit fireball?

exactly, that’s one reason Sean sucks espcially wit’ Hadou-Burst. I’m not good at parrying still but still usin’ it on anyone who’s parries rather they are an expert or not is a waste.

the thing wit this reset is that they’ll think they can land and block it… it seems like it too
but it hits like a split second before u land

i’d parry it anyways just for the hell of it cause its so easy to parry. its a slow 1 hit fireball man!!!

haha okok maybe u’re right
idea scrapped =P

what about towards+rh > fake tackle throw?
you’d be surprised how often u hit with s.fierce and towards.rh

What about ume/wakeup shoryu/super?

Well, only if you make it decently unpredictable, then MAYBE you’ll get it.

Hadou Burst is not that bad. Here are some reasons.

  1. When used in a combo it takes off significant damage. Since it is a one hitter, damage scaling will not affect it too much.

  2. 3 super stocks for use with EX moves such as his EX flip kick and EX Tornado Kick. ( I won’t go into using Sean tackle because I can’t seem to incorporate it into a fighting strategy without getting brutally punished.

  3. It is a heck a lot better than his other supers IMO because of Shoryucannon’s Combo damage scaling and Hyper Tornado’s inability to be effective. It can be easy to connect with Crouching Foward into Hadou burst.

And about parrying, who would want to throw out random Hadou bursts anyway. That is like asking to be destroyed.

I have said my peace.

Thanks for reading.

shoryu cannon is top tier. i am sorry. TOP FUCKING TIER.

iono i’m not sure what sf3p0 was talking about with damage scaling (i know what damage scaling is but you aren’t gonna combo out of a shoryucannon unless its in the corner maybe), but i gotta go with hado burst…its like kens shippu except for a shittier character so its more important, without hado burst sean rarely has a dangerous, consistent hit confirmable combo that starts low…

Hello again.

What I meant with the damage scaling was that with a combo into a Shoryucannon, say maybe crouching foward, Shoryusmash cancel into Shoryucannon will probably not take off as much as the same such combo with Hadouburst replacing Shoryucannon. Even though the Shoryucannon can be mashed for more hits, the hits will take off significantly less until it is mere slivers being taken off. I agree that Shoryucannon is a pretty good super, but when it is used in combos, the damage can be minimal.

Shoryucannon is a super that I still use sometimes, but Hadouburst is IMO a better choice because of quick combo damage.

Sorry if I got off topic

Thanks for reading.

shoryu cannon does more than hadou burst…O_o

Hadou Burst > Shoryu Cannon.

agreed that hado burst is #1 for quick combo damage but as exodus said … yeah shoryucannon outdamages it

oh what do you know? :stuck_out_tongue: every time i land shoryucannon…i get jitters all over my body cuz it’s so sexy. but with hadou burst…im like…meh. what a weak fireball. :X


Hadouburst is definately Sean’s best super. Shoryu cannon is good but takes too long to charge even though it does amazing damage. Shoryu cannon also cant be comboed off a far low MK. And if you cant combo off a low MK, why bother even using the super.

SA1 takes like 10 seconds to charge a meter. SA2 takes about four hours.

and in the corner f+RH, hadou burst is good. Haha that’s pretty funny you guys called Hadou Burst Slow.

god damn why couldnt it be a 2 hit fireball.

maybe i just like to run around and poke all day…:frowning:

marvin, i <3 you

Yeah, I guess you guys are right. Maybe I wasn’t mashing for enough hits or something.But I still prefer Hadouburst because of quick combo damage.

maybe you want to pay a visit to alaska? i’m the best around this neighborhood.

shoryucannon = godly generic antiair
hadou burst = flying potato

why fly to alaska? i’m already the best. no need to fly to other places to beat people! GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA :encore: :encore: :encore:


all jokes aside. i just prefer cannon to burst. :karate: