Tower Defense Thread

Didn’t find a thread, so I simply created one. A few recommendations to get started:

Free Flash TDs:

Kingdom Rush
Arguably the best TD I’ve played so far. I was wary at first, but soon captured the brilliance and depth this game has. Instead of just towers, you actually have “tank” units with health that stall the opposing creatures. Kept me busy for multiply playthroughs, with an excellent upgrading system and a hard but fair difficulty. Must play!

Cursed Treasure

Pokemon Tower Defense
No kidding, maybe the most fun Tower Defense of all. It’s VERY unique and keeps the 'Gotta catch ‘em all’-thing perfectly working. You can catch the wild Pokemon enemies you’re facing on a map, making them yours, ready to train, to learn skills, evolve and of course to be used by you, as you progress through the story. You can even trade Pokemon with other players! It’s a fanmade project, currently in ‘alpha//beta’ status and will be updated every now and then with new content, so be sure to check back regularly. It’s already plenty of content available, tho.

Unique combination of towers give it a huge depth and a special note. Successful game that spawned a few sequels, addons and the like. Not under my favourites, but it’s a great concept nonetheless.

**Protector IV.V **
One, if no the most complex Tower Defense-RPG mashup in existence. Due to extreme popularity it’s already the 4.5th installment in the series. Difficult to get into, but worth the time spent, as it’ll be a rewarding experience that you can play for days, with lots of fine tuning and preparing for levels, hiring new Heros, finding and equipping items, spending stats on level ups, doing quests… A vast adventure awaits.

Paid Tower Defense

Plants vs Zombies

Incredible hyped Tower Defense that’s based on lines instead of a predefined way. The art, sound and the whole setting in general is what makes it so great, with remarkable quality and a addicting principle of acquiring new ‘plants’. Can be grabbed for around 9.99$ bucks on steam. Definitely worth the money.

Dungeon Defenders

In this 3D Tower Defense you take control of a building Hero who can not only build, repair and upgrade towers, but can also fight the creeps. 4 Classes available who are all very unique and have to work together to be effective in later levels. Defense structure building melee Squire, an Aura Tower based Monk, a Damage Tower building range Mage and an Archer who has expertise in traps. Either you play online or local co-op with your friends or you switch between the Heros on your own between waves in a single player game; each has his own gear, level, weapon and pet. Equipment can be brought and sold in the tavern, where you also can test your Towers and easily the best multiplayer Tower Defense available for lots of fun for hours. Features challenge maps, no hero mode and various other stuff to keep you busy on top. Next to a PC Steam release it’s also available on PSN and LIVE for around 15$.

Orcs Must die!

Incredible fun, yet short living 3D Tower Defense where you defend your ‘portals’ with vicious traps and slaughter with your hero through waves of orcs. It’s rather short and not exactly very deep and challenging (tho, it has a few difficult passages), so you might want to wait for a sale unless you’re not afraid of the 14.99$ on steam.

Imo not worth the money:
Savage Moon (PSN)
Defense Grid (9.99$)
Sanctum (9.99$ - might be worth for co-op)
Sol Survivor (9.99$)

that’s all for now, if you want more I might convinced to post some more. Hope you know a few good ones as well, since I’m in the grave situation that I’ve already played nearly all TDs available on the non-app market.

happy defending

I used to play Pokemon Tower Defense, but the game got so fucking hard it wasn’t fun anymore. I quit when I got to Saffron.

Yep, I’m happy with that selection. Kingdom Rush is excellent.

Currently playing Hands of War: Tower Defence, though it seems a bit on the broken side as I haven’t needed to place a single tower so far - I’m just using and upgrading my Mage champion :rofl:

Jelly Defense is great too!

PvZ only T-game I like [media=youtube]NOsbU6L2Uio[/media]

I found hands of war incredible… mhh boring? I played it twice for one or two hours and it lacks variety and you level up way to easy, making the game getting easier after every level aswell. As stated, the hero is way too powerful making other towers rather obsolete. Hero + 2 towers each as backup when creeps slip through. tho, with the 2 teleport perk you can solo every level anyway. not really different types that need extra tactic or something.

It could turn out to be a fine and dandy tower defense, but needs heavy rebalancing to become so. might check again if an update is available.

the only reason I’d ever consider a smartphone is for TDs lol. I’m getting a PSVita soon and since it runs on android I’m getting them finally. TD heaven <3.
app TDs could easily have an own thread, seeing it’s somewhat the main system for releases.

I’m close to finishing the game with just using my champion at the moment. The only tactical part of the game is deciding where to place your champion at the beginning of the level, which takes all of 3 seconds. It’s so dry I’m only playing it for the Kongregate badges.

They have some serious thinking to do before they release a sequel.

I played the heck out of Desktop Tower Defense back when it first came out:

That pokemon one sounds interesting. Going to check that out.

Defense Grid is freaking amazing, you’re missing out if you didn’t like it.

Disclaimer: I hate tower defense. That said, I LOVE genre hybrids like Dungeon Defenders.

I was sad to see you didn’t mention the XBLIG tower defense/Gauntlet-like gems Soulcaster I and Soulcaster II. Even though I’ve plugged a stupid amount of time into Dungeon Defenders, nothing matches how great of a little package each of the Soulcaster games are.

Also, Toy Soldiers is hella fun. Nothing makes hurry-up-and-wait more bearable and/or enjoyable than climbing into a sniper tower and picking off enemy units only to watch them turn back into motionless toy soldiers.

that’s because I have no xbox x)
I also just wanted to throw a few into the mix, I’ve left mayn out on purpose [read: lazy].

Defense Grid is pretty mediocre in every aspect. not worth spending money on… (feel free to argggh it for all I care tho)

Soulcaster, in case any are wondering, from MagicalTimeBean.

Man I’m tripping balls, I read that as Protoss vs Zerg only Terran-game I like

Maybe it’s because we both love shitty characters, but I absolutely lawl’d at this post.

Defense Grid not worth it??? Game has more content than most of the $60 games. And the whole Portal crossover add on…what’s not to like? Great game.

so I just bought the full version of for around 3,90€ (around 5$). seeing the comments on the demo i bought it blindly. gonna report if it’s worth it.

The Kongregate version of Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 is still fucked up. So disappointing…The one on ArmorGames has a different version of the 100 waves (unless I’m just imagining the orders being different).

I didn’t like DTD Pro at first, but it has a few fun modes. Had to switch back to the old style graphics though.

I can’t get into TD games that don’t let you build your own paths for whatever reason. I’ll try giving them more of a chance.

I’m actually quite the opposite. I dislike having to build your own maze, since that usually means “cluster as many tower as possible” which takes away the strategy of placement, upgrading etc. micro > macro imo.

PvZ is by far the best tower defense game imo and one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played, I have it for ipad and the touch controls are so easy.

The south park one on 360 is pretty decent.

short recap. I’m 4-5 hours into it and am around the half (I guess). The best thing about it that it actually tells a REAL story (instead of just having a setting / background), which is very refreshing. You have fixed units (up to 5 per class, each with own name, gear, level/skill etc), and your main hero who can cast spells.
Nothing new, but it’s good implemented. The only flaw I’ve encountered is that the levels are quite off-balanced. you can play each map on a difficulty ranging from casual to extreme (normal and advance in the middle). While I blaze through every normal map instantly, any advance or extreme are impossible to do, meaning you must return later to finish them. However, you have to “guess” when that moment is, because when I backtracked I blazed through extreme as well. I have rarely a “close one” map. Another thing is that each map is rather short (well at least on 4x speed, but trust me, anything below is not needed. the creeps are slow as ****, you can also pause the game, which comes in handy), only 5-8 waves so far.
anyway, for that price I can recommend it allready.