Toy Touch Jump Cancel Cat Crawl Shenanigans



So I just recently decided to main Felicia on point. I began experimenting for my 2 other characters. I decided first on Doom because the synergy b/t these two characters seems fairly strong. Screwing around with both the rocks and beam assist, I decided to mess around with wakeup shenanigans.

If this has been mentioned before, I apologize, but I couldn’t find anything thus far mentioning it.

These are all performed when the opponent is in the corner. Since Toy touch can be jump canceled, if you input cat crawl as soon as you jump, you instantly cancel into cat crawl. Thus, I tried calling doom assist simultaneously with toy touch, allowing the character to flip out and block. If cat crawl is input, I assumed that I would go behind the character. On the contrary, if you input cat crawl and then press nothing, you end up with the opponent still in the corner. However, if you hold towards the corner, you sometimes end up on the other side of the opponent, thus leading to an ambiguous mixup. My input is essentially :df: :m: :a1: simultaneously, then immediately :uf: :l: :s:.

While I have only played around with this for a small amount of time, I thought perhaps some of you guys could take this and expand on it as a potential ambiguous reset. Of course, there are some flaws to this current setup, such as if they recover forward. But if you use doom beam assist, doom is actually far enough back to still force them to block. Also, I believe if the opponent holds back, you will always stay on the same side. This led to me experimenting with this next part.

I also discovered somewhat of an option select. After the first catcrawl, immediately input another cat crawl. Since this move only goes in one direction, if they flip forward, you will chase them and go behind them. If they hold back, you will go towards the wall behind them. The one issue is, I’m not sure if you recover fast enough to really present a threat. The recovery on cat crawl may be slow enough for the opponent to react.

Anyway, I thought I would share this with you guys and maybe use it to create even more Felicia shenanigans. I only really experimented with doom assist, but I assume it will work with others too. I hope this discovery (assuming no one else has mentioned JC-CC before) will be helpful in the further development of Felicia’s metagame.

PS My third char is Skrull, who i play at mid with tenderizer. skrull air shenanigans with felicia roll assist are pretty fun IMO. I also use doom beam for now, but I plan on exploring both those and rocks a little more.


I’ve been playing around with this and Iron Man is probably the best assist to use for this reset as the Repulsor Blast will leave them in block stun for a long time after a forwards recovery resulting in another mixup once they hit the ground. I’ve also been using it with C. Viper because of similar combo/mixup potential after a hit, forward tech or back tech + block. You can do this midscreen with both of those characters if you dash before landing the Toy Touch + Assist.

This technique definitely needs more exploration though.

Reset w/ Iron Man: YouTube - Felicia Reset 2
Reset w/ C. Viper: YouTube - Felicia Reset 4
More w/ Iron Man: YouTube - Felicia Reset Samples


This works best with Iron Man’s assist and Taskmaster arrows. Haven’t really gotten to use it in a real match yet, but it is really tricky when you are going for a reset.


I do this with Haggar’s Lariat.

If it hits, you can just wait for them to hit the ground and OTG into full combo.
If blocked, you get to go for another reset while they’re stuck blocking it (command grab, dash under, etc.).


I’m a little late, but I just discovered that reset today, I like it alot, it works very well with Hsien-ko’s assist, I just don’t have as much time to capitalize on it as Iron man, thanks for your info though, I don’t read enough forum stuff as I should, and it hurts my learning. Thanks again.