Toys n Joys help

OK, I had ordered something at Toys n Joys. Unfortunately, the problem was ordering at that online store in the first place. I have read reviews of this place and they say that their online service sucks. I think those reviewers aren’t joking. I had made an order a week ago and I don’t think it shipped yet. And I’m guessing it will probably take like 2 months for it to ship.

So how hard is it to cancel an order from them? That is if you guys every ordered from them.

Actually, funny you should mention it. I did order from them a while ago. After sending repeated e-mails, making phone calls, I sent an e-mail to their technical support or something off hand like that saying I wanted to cancel the order. That got them in gear and they immedaitley sent an e-mail back saying they had shipped it that day. I think they forgot about the order. I can’t remember where I sent the e-mail, but it was somewhere that I didn’t try for the first two months I tried getting in touch with them. They will ship your order, once you get in touch with them.

I go there phsyical store a lot in Hawaii. Its a good store. Though I can’t say much about there online store as I have never had a reason to order from them.

Imo call 808-735-4546 and speak directly to them over the phone. It will get results really quick. Everyone there is very helpful. But again I can’t speak for there online department. Just call there store directly and explain your situation.

P.S What did you order? Also a word of caution always email first to check if the item is in stock if its an older item. The website is notorious for not removing items that are no longer in stock.


My item was definitely in stock, but looking back it took about a month and a half. Everytime I tried calling I was always sent to voicemail without talking to a person, and I left several messages. Below, is the e-mail correspondance I got from them after a month and a half of waiting. Try calling the guy on his extension and see if you get results.

*This ships this week.
Alex Le
Toys n Joys Customer Service
3632 Waialae Ave
Honolulu,Hawaii 96816808-735-4546 ext .21
808-735-0449 fax

From: Caleb Ross []
Sent: Monday, August 07, 2006 12:12 PM
To: Toys N Joys
Subject: Re: Toys N Joys - Order Confirmation

It has been a little over a month, and no one has responded with a straight answer on this. I’ve sent two e-mails and both say that you will get back to me and no one has. I’ve never been rude or gotten upset over it, I just want to know what’s going on. I haven’t seen anything on my bank statement from you guys, and I’m not sure if you charged my card or not. If you haven’t, I want this order cancelled. A month is too long to wait. I’m calling your number.*

Well, I ordered a Pop’n Music Conroller 2 from them. Also, I just e-mailed them. But it might take a week for them to reply. And I guess I’ll try to call again, but what’s a good time to do this since I’m on the East Coast?

Haha. Good luck.

Don’t trust anything that they say. I fought with them for over a whole month and finally recieved a partilly fufilled order. Despite their responses, they usually won’t hold true to their words. Man, poor business model. I don’t even think they realize that express shipping is totally defeated if they had plan on shipping items out a month later.

I don’t really think there is a trick to get your item shipped out. Keep bombarding them with emails and hope for the best. If it comes down to it, threaten a chargeback if you used a credit card.

I tried to order the darkstalkers version of the saturn ps2 pad from them a while back only to receive an email like 2 months later that they were out of stock and canceling my order.

toys n joys sucks, they take months to fill orders, and will often say they have items in stock that they don’t. take your business elsewhere if possible.

Yeah, the reason I had to order it here was because it seems to be the only place that has one. Play-Asia is still backordering the Pop’n controllers, but I’m guessing it will take them like 2 month for them to restock them.

Now I just found a place where hey have a Pop’n 14 bundle with the controller. I will order that instead, but I still have to cancel this order on Toys N Joys first.

I know the store closes at 9pm hawaii time. But… there mail order area works till almost midnight here on Oahu.

Now that don’t mean there mail order system is perfect. I have friends that work there that tell me all these nightmare stories all the time. I understand 100 percent how you feel and want to see you get some resolution. Imo there store is good but there online store from what I hear blows/sucks. I would just call and complain and just get a solution asap. Either a refund or ship the item out this week. If that don’t work. Call your credit card company and explain the situation. They can do a charge back. If you used paypal , just do a credit back.

Try calling again and asking directly for Alex. Just explain your situation and what you want and let him know you ordered in good faith etc and your not happy with the service etc. Let me know how it goes. Also double check if they even have that controller in stock as they don’t use or have live inventory systems in place online. So its hard to tell what they do or don’t have in stock.


Strange suggestion in a way, but why doesn’t PSX buy the item locally, and ship it to Vic Viper, add 10 bucks for PSX’s trouble. Should be much faster, and not to expensive, just an idea :wink:

Just got an answer from Alex himself. He said it shipped and I’m expecting it by this Saturday or Monday. I hope it comes in one piece.

Good to hear. Let me know how it goes.

I also buy in-store. Toys and Joys is amazingly shady… just about all their CDs and DVDs are Taiwanese bootlegs. I once ordered a T-shirt online that they didn’t actually have in stock; they waited on the order for almost a month and didn’t send it until I had bothered them twice; when I got it, they had sent me a completely different shirt. I went in-store and got a refund (prices are often cheaper on their site than in-store and shipping within Oahu is only $5).
On the other hand I don’t know any other place where you can get used Japanese games; I once snagged King of Fighters XI for $35. Just shop carefully…

Long story short, their online store is by far one of the worst places I have ordered good from.

Great website I never have a problem!!..