TP Portland Planning! Carpools + Teams [THANKS!]

Thanks to all who drove and helped make the turnout great, was a good time! Hopefully the next time we host a large Seattle tournament, Portland will return the favor…peace!

I am most likely going so far my car has me, kk, and deezo right now id say its like 80% but i can fit one more if you can shoot me some gas and get some where near tacoma or fed way

I hope a lot of you guys jump in on this! Would love to see Seattle show!

yo dugg i filled my last spot dog

I am looking for a ride down and can put down money for gas. My truck only holds 2, so not to much point in me driving if we are trying to go down cheaper.

Added a team list, post up if you have or need a team!

I am looking for a team too, fair warning as of late most of my practice has been online because of my location but my game has improved at least a little since the last time I was out.

Also looking for some team members. I’ll be playing Vega.

You get entry into both the singles and the team tournament with registration, so if your entering, you pretty much need a team mate.

2-5-Free,ScubaSteve,Shredelicious and Jimmy,think we might have 1 spot open in my car,not 100% if its still there or not

This would sound hella gross, but you, KK and get Kwyjibo to pick Vega LOLOL

looking for a ride also.

Chris is definitely gonna fill that spot man. He just got the ok from his mommy. lol

So add Chris/ CMSoove to the 253 carpool.

Brent and Shawn you guys just wanna team up together and make it easy on us hahah

I’m lookin for a ride down. I’m sure the person I was gonna ride with isn’t going now.

Also thinking about who would want me on their team, I haven’t registered yet (sorry!) is it possible to pay at the event?

Yes it is.

i need a team, i can be shark bait.


Alright so me, KK, and Cole will be teaming up for the teams event. Team name pending, but I think right now we might be going with Harlem Nights.

Form Feet and Legs! Form Arms and Body!

I am down to team up Nate.

Now we just need Ghrrk to form the head.

Its on! Team Nate Douville Tier Voltron Vega. Or something!

^ That name gets my approval 100%