TPB Availability

Udoneko, I hope you know you are appreciated; it’s been really helpful that you are constantly here updating us and answering questions. I know some of us can get a little gripping at times…!
I was wondering if the TPB would have a larger availability in various stores. It seems places like Barnes&Noble are ideal.

Do not worry. You guys are some of the nicest people I have met online! I am glad that I can get you answers to most of your questions to the best of my knowledge.

The TPB should be selling to some other places. Our distributor are sending those info out to all outlets (book stores, gamestops, EB, etc) now, and it is up to the buyers of that particular chain to carry them or not. But I guess SF is a well know enough brand name that would probably get some interest. Keeping my fingers crossed there…

Awesome, I tell everyone how hot this comic is. I hope having the TPB in some non-comic stores will catch more peoples eye. And Udoneko I think its awesome how much you are involved with the SF comunity. Most of the other comic boards I post at the creators don’t bother posting, cause they’re too “bizy”. But single handedly you provide lots of info and fast replies. While others leave people wondering when the hell the Spawn 10th annversery book is comming out. Its just about to be the 12th.

Hey! I am a big SF fan too! LOL!

I appreciate all of your welcome here!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Will the TPB contain issue 0.?Oh and is issue 0 really that vital?

Last thing I remember, it was going to have issue 0, but without the character profiles at the end of the comic. It’s pretty short, and you might not need it if you know about the plot behind Evil Ryu, but the artwork is great.

when is this coming out?

TPB is shipping end of March/ early April.

Cool :cool:
Are the busts & the Arnold Tsang poster all scheduled to come out at the same time?

udoneko, what about the short back-up stories?

are you guys going go release a more complete version of the TPB later on?

are they going to get their own TPB?

are you guys going to release an artbook someday?

just tell me you guys are going to have them collected somewhere.

i also would like to say hardcovers = GOOD.

The busts are on eBay. Saw them today.

They must have been the limited edition ones, I’m talking about the standard colour Chun-Li & Bison that I was told were being released in March.

We have no plans on reprinting the back up stories at this point. We want to preserve the value of the original issues and not immediately reprinting everything. The main purpose of this TPB release is for the people who has missed out the first time, and also to get into a different market (bookstores, etc) to expand the audience. We are selling it at a low introductory price at only $9.99US, with 144 pages filled with all UDON artwork! So it will be affordable enough for those who has the original books but want a reading copy, and for those who did not get the originals because it has becoming too expensive in the after market to pick it up and try it out. OR those generous enough, buy some copies and recommend it to your friends!!

Did someone say Artbook?? Hee hee…

Didnt you say the TPB wont have the back up stories? That means the TPB only holds any interest for non-SF fans that just want a cheap book.

Pretty much any fan wants the back-up stories, and theyll have to go for the monthlies.

I spent big bucks to buy the first five issues (plus 0 - which was such a rip-off), because the TPB is not meant for fans like me.

Ok, this is the second time I’ve seen you hint at this. I want some information. Will this be Udon art, or will we get a translated version of the 15th anniversary artbook? And when can we expect a release?

Sounds good

Udoneko do you have a final set date for as to when the TPB, poster & busts will come out yet or is it still just rough guidelines for now?

I would like to know when will the Street Fighter TPB come out in the UK. And what i have always wondered what does TPB stand for?:wink:

The comics have been coming out at the same time so i’m hoping the TPB will be too, mine’s on reserve:cool:
As for what is a TPB I asked the same question myself awhile back it means “Trade Paperback”.

EDIT: No I didn’t I thought I did lol, Udoneko said what it means anyway.

Thanks for letting me know what TPB stands for! :wink: Can i ask you where did you reserve your copy of the Street Fighter TPB?:cool:

I’ve posted a link to this place whenever there’s been anyone wanting advice for getting the comics in the UK, well I get my Sf comic/comic-related stuff from:
He updates me with a list of what’s new to order, oh yeah btw anyone know when the Jo Chen Chun-Li lithographs will be out? sometime in May I think.