TPB or old issues?

I really want to get into the comic, it sounds very interesting since apparently it follows the games story pretty good.

But i didn’t know of the comic until a few days ago, is there an easy way to find old issues or has a TPB been released?



Also check out the sticky at the top for the latest info on the Sf comic called …

That thread has all the info and links you need.

If you don’t have a credit card, Chris of Rupps comics can help out…

:encore: is really good to. For info not buying comics. If you need any help send me a private meesage { PM } :tup:

Is it better to get the comics or the TPB?

both …

… both actually.

Comics: come out monthly, have back stories in them, have cheap shots in them, come in a variety of cool covers

TPB: cheaper by comparrison, easy for travel, (second tpb is rummored to have one of the two back stories that wasn’t printed in comics)

You’d have to buy them both if you wanted the complete story of what happens in SF.

I’d recommend the TPB first. Fast, easy, and cost effective way to catch up with the book and lets you sample the title and evaluate its worth to you. This evaluation will aid you in your decisions to seek back issues and to buy future issues or not. I personally wouldn’t worry too much about the back stories, you don’t need them to understand the story.

I’d recommend the issues since they have the back-up stories, but the TPB is by far easier to get a hold of and it is cheaper.

I orderd the TPB, If I end up liking it Ill more than likely try to find back issues if I can get em cheap.

Yeah , The TPB is easier.

If you are hard core and obssessive like me , then go with the issues.

I think Ill dp just that