TPP is 2015's SOPA

Gotta love bills that are created in secret, then the details aren’t revealed to the public, and you get secret rider’s such as this one, tacked onto a bill that was supposedly about international trade.

So how do we stop this one?

It already passed

I knew it stunk the moment Obama used literally all of his political clout to push it through Congress, even after they had soundly rejected it.

No it hasn’t passed. Congress and the individual countries behind the bill, still have to have their governments OK it. You can’t just make a multi country bill, and pass it, without following the traditional laws to pass bills, in your respective country.

I knew it stunk when it was a bunch of governments working on it in secret. I knew it stunk when they kept going back to deal with copyright issues, THE EXACT SHIT THAT GOT SOPA CANCELLED. This is just SOPA renamed, and hidden into a trade agreement.

I mean fucking CHINA isn’t even signing this thing, so what impact can we truly hope to have on some of the true problems facing international trade (shitty Chinese knockoffs made with toxic materials and using methods that involve ZERO environmental protection)?

This bill also happens to be fucked up for the environment. On one hand, they’re apparently going to somehow stop a lot of the smaller asian countries (ie Vietnam, etc) from doing shit like illegal fishing and dealing with environmental dumping, but everytime environment regulation has gotten in the way of money, money has always one. Remember Kyoto protocols? That shit was great on paper, then every host country just ignored it or stepped out of it. Also, for Canada, they’ve already stated it would increase greenhouse emissions, as well as water and energy usage.

This ENTIRE bill is to protect corporations. It’s not to create jobs. It’s not to protect the environment. It’s not to help the common person. It’s to help prevent big companies not get fucked over by lesser companies willing to do cheap ass work, and to protect the (copy)rights of the big corporations.

NAFTA was supposed to create thousands of jobs too, and all it did was force tons of jobs to relocate to Mexico. Then promptly shut down. It bankrupted tons of Mexican farmers. And worst of all, it forced wages to become stagnant.

same way we stopped SOPA. Publish the details to the public, and let them get pissy about it. The dude’s behind SOPA literally stated they wouldn’t rest until the bill passed. They just were forced to hide it, and not allow any discussion or publishing of the details of the ageement, to avoid what happened with the public vs SOPA.

This bill is one big step closer to corporations ruling us…

They already rule us, this is about perfecting control now.

Been living in NZ all of 2015 and its a huge deal here. Very unpopular here from what I can tell but very little visibility from US media, or at least the shit I read.

Visibility is at a minimum because this whole charade has been conducted behind closed doors, and the only way we’ve found out about parts of the agreement, is through shit like wikileaks.

NONE of this is being done in a legit manner, this is some seriously scummy shit.

Honestly woulda rather had SOPA than TPP, but since TPP fucks over folks IRL and not the webz, no one cares. Kinda hard to fight this one too, since it’s kept a fuckin’ secret.

It’s truly a sad thing. People raised a big fuss over the government keepin’ tabs on you over the phone and internet, but are completely silent on the US government and police forces physically watchin’ you with cameras. The world is all backwards and I find it hard to believe that this ain’t how the powers that be want it.

Glad to know this was kept behind closed doors so us Serfs couldn’t see it.

Tpp sopa dark future fiction(?) By Wolfkiller (me) #tppsopa links to an article explaining the truth. That hashtag gets blocked. Same with Google when people get curious about the meaning of the empty hashtag. Gov can send army after citizens because big media is in bed with the gov and corporations and won’t report on this. So they assassinate small time journalists making youtube videos and local news using our own military and we have no way to unite with our communications owned by big business

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Read this article though, it’s short but oh so sweet.