What: A definitive HUB for video gamers in the Philadelphia area to come and get a solid nightly challenge. We have a great location right on SOUTH STREET but we need to fill the doors with people in order for it to work. $5.00 lets you play ALL day we hold tournaments EVERYNIGHT and they are open to whomever can get there. This is the only home console arcade in the entire CITY.
We are above a steak shop so you can always go down stairs and get a bite to eat and relax.

308 SOUTH ST (Yes THE South Street)
3rd and SOUTH
2nd Floor Above SOS (Steaks on South) go through the steak shop and upstairs
Across the street from LORENZOS Pizza
Philadelphia, PA

300 Sq Ft Area (approx) with plenty of chairs, tables and kitchen

Every Day and Every Night
Monday - Wednesday: 1pm - 8pm
Thursday: 1pm - 9pm
Friday: 9pm - 2am
Saturday: 11pm - 2am

Check Website For Tournament Times & Dates:

2/3, Single Elimination.

Entry Fee Starts @ $10 and goes up to $100
No Second or Third

RE: TV’s and Setups:
We have 9 tvs setup we could use some more systems and games.
IF you bring your own system then you can play free all day and enter any tournament you want (first 6 people).

If you donate your system or game to the community then you get yourself a FREE LIFETIME membership that lasts long after we’ve grown out of this location.

Volunteers and staff:

We could really use some volunteers right now, you will turn into employees when things get kicking. But you will get to chill on south street and play games all day. Its well worth a shot.

email ALL interests to Paul -or- call : 1.215.554.7326

Help Support this…a STRONG underground Philadelphia GAMING HUB

Wow this seems pretty cool but it also seems noone is intrested…Id love to come down and play cvs2 or 3s…if any1 will be there lol

i’ma stop by tomorrow night with another dude. 3s? cvs2? SC4?