308 South Street (Yes THE south street)
2nd floor of SOS (Steaks on South) go through the SOS steak shop and up the stairs
Philadelphia PA

Ok we decided to create an arcade and more. If you havent checked us out…PLEEEEASEEE…come down drop in for a sec. This forum is designed to get your feed back on the facility. What things can we do differently and how we can make it better.

$5 Play all day…Bring a system and game…PLAY for free…very easy. A gamers hangout arcade nightly tournaments arena and more…check us out people.

Tell us what you think of us…

Looks interesting, I’ll try to stop by You need to add some 3rd strike to your line up though.:wink:


just a thought… =)

yeah BYO in Full effect.

I’ll be there tonight around 7:30 with some 3s and CVS2 for sure. Casuals anyone?

oh wtf, only open until 8 tonight…

I’d show up for some 3s and marvel. I never played cvs2 that much but ill play. Whens the next time you going down?

im gonna check this out tonight cvs2/3s/ST playas come please!

ummm wtf so i went there and the guy said its closed…is he bull shittin me or what…coulda been nice if some1 said it shut down b4 i went there…

:rofl: thats sort of sudden though. Closed for the night or shut down completely?

Well they close at 8 on Wed…

soooooo who wants to do marvel night on monday at this place?


is this place still open?

Yeah, is it still open. Wanted to come by before school starts.

damn that makes more more pissed…he said it shut down…u should prob talk to the sub shop guys if theyre trying to detract business…

I will definitely come by tonight at 7. I’ll be bringing another head for some 3s and CVS2(possibly SC4?)

Fuck the people downstairs, just walk straight past the counter and there are stairs in the back left. Room is straight up stairs

Its still open?

Me and a buddy tried to go about a week ago and we got told by those fuckers this place was closed. So whats the deal? I would love to tell all the jersey heads about this because its so close, but what the fuck?

well fucking SF4 is up at UP so fuck this place… I’ll still be playing some 3s with some heads at my place if people want to stop by.

668 N. 33rd St. Philadelphia PA
call 610-715-1915 for directions