Trace Prewitt, celebrity

“A little bit crazy.”


(1:30ish in the video)

This is the best thing I have seen all day. Fucking Godlike

whitney has some ass!

HAHA I think that might of been the same lady that was bitching at Rat to move his car before Ian’s surprise Joose party.

Yup, same lady, shes a murderer

trace mother fuckin prewitt !!!

yeah she do, and some nice boobs.

After the bullshit I had to deal with, this really made my day.

It’s better that I didn’t even really know about it. I was laughing for a good 10 min.

Imagine how funny this is to me. I was pretty much laughing hysterically all day because of this shit.

This just made my day.

Yes! Ahahahaha. Trace motherfucking prewitt. I was like what the fuck does this story have to do with anything? I don’t understa–Neighbor Trace Prewitt has had a couple run-ins… ahahahaha. A little bit crazy, for sure.

Made my day also, hahaha. Trace Prewitt.

Trace…that you are fucking hilarious on camera dude…that shit was amazing.

CRAZY and boobs time to kick it at your house man! hahaha

2009 the year of the Prewitt. Never Forget.

Trace Prewitt is my hero. i want to grow up JUST like him

Subtitle should have said

Trace “13th at EVO” Prewitt

That was amazing, Trace is always on beast status, even when he’s being interviewed by king 5 about his crazy bitch ass (murderer) neighbor.

damn Trace, why you always gotta be so godlike

Holy shiet this is hilarious! Trace Mutha Fuckin’ Prewitt! Great way to start the morning!