Tracking Something down - need help!

Sorry for kinda double posting, as I already did in the action figure thread…but I really need some help, and the more replies the better. This can be locked when it either it seems someone can help me, or no one has any answers…

Guys? I’m in desperate need of help.

I have a fairly large collection of figures ranging from a lot of different properties, but to track down this figure is not for me, it’s for my gf. And yes, it’s possible to have both. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very recently, she’s become obsessed with Metal Gear Solid. And fancies Solid Snake alot. And from my collection, she assumed it would be easy, and thought to ask me if I could get her a single Snake action figure.

Knowing full-well the McFarlane lines are long gone from retail stores, I headed to ebay, but we’re only willing to spend 30$. That’s the limit. And I was already outbit, and the only figure on the lot is already reaching 30 with 5 days left.

I’m talking specificly of MGS2: Sons of Liberty line.

I’ve went to various online stores, but Snake is non-existant. And of course, doesn’t even have a category for it in their store.

Does anyone know ANY other resources besides ebay at this point where I can get a Solid Snake figure? Or does anyone even KNOW someone that has one?

BIIIIIG thanks!!!

Shame…, i feel for u as I HAVE that figure :smiley:

annnnd you wouldn’t be willing to part with it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one mint in box…but I’m looking for another one myself…and another Ocelot, Solidus, Raiden and Olga (I had 2 Olga’s but broke the one I opened cause I got very angry with people messing up my room). Why do I want doubles of those? Well, so I can open those ones and build Ray. I want doubles to have one set open, one set closed. Easy as that.

I’ll be going to local 2nd hand toy store this weekend (sells older stuff in package). Will try to keep an eye out for one.

BTW, just MGS2 Snake?

That’s the one.

Sorry, man. They didn’t have it anymore.

No I don’t know where to get the mcfarlane metal gear figure. That will be hard to find.

But I hope this helps.
Here is a link to the most recent metal gear figure.
Show her this and ask her if she likes it instead.

Aw man, the Medicom figure is awesome. But waaaaaaaay out of our price range. Thanks anyway.

Yeah I know. Hopefully there will be other metal gear goodies when part 4 hits.

I was able to locate 3 McFarlane MGS2 Snake figures if interested. Please let me know. I’m not buying unless I have a buyer.

How much were they kero?

$8. Had Olga and that other lady I think for $4.

$8 sealed brand new in box?

Hmm, I need a new Snake, Raiden, Olga, Solidus and Ocelot.

Yeah, $8 MISB. Some had price stickers on the card, so take that in consideration. Like I said, only Snake, Olga, and the really tanned lady.

Oops, sorry, forgot to update this. I was finally able to snag Snake off of Ebay. So I’m good for now.

Shoulda just bought one of those trading figures…