I figured that the flood gates will open soon on replicas and copy cat sticks since there won’t be much to duplicating these sticks at all. If you have bought the stick at Comic Con or bought it through E-bay then you can list your stick’s number and system it’s for here. This will be an excellent way of tracking the actual low number of these sticks here and prevent sales of fakes. It can also tell us if MadCatz produced more than the actual 500 they say they did. When someone tries to sell one without an official sticker with sequential number then a potential buyer can refer to this tracker. List the following:

Sequential # of your stick out of 250:
bought for personal use or profit on aftermarket?:
Where did you buy it? (Comic Con or Second hand seller):
sold to me by (username or first name only please):
condition of stick (perfect, scratched, etc.):
price payed (optional):

Please only leave the info above. Leave personal thought and comments on the other thread made that announced the stick.


hmm… how many of those buyers do you think know of SRK and will bother checking this thread, unless you post this link at several other forums.


I think benjiedude is more into this stick than MarkMan is.



This thread goes nowhere.


EDIT: also- looking at completed listing prices on Ebay, these things aren’t going for very good prices… you wouldn’t even recoup the money of replicating it in most cases. I see one that went for 120 bucks, haha. I really thought these sticks would get a good price on resale due to the rarity, but I guess not.


I did just that. If it goes nowhere then so be it. Helpful if it does though.:cool:

Edit: Hey ManMan, could you post a link to the auction that had one of these go for $120? I’d love to see that.


:frowning: do want


here ya go. it was 128|66%3A2|39%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50#ht_566wt_948


Damn, that seller got fucked. Actually lost money. What a deal.


He’s just into making a new thread for any reason.


I got $20 saying this thread is closed within 2 days!! Any takers??


What’s worse? A thread that’s made for any ol’ reason…or the person who wastes his time posting his thoughts in it?:nono:


I’m pretty sure the former is worse :stuck_out_tongue:


This is hilarious simply for the fact that the seller bought this to flip it. I don’t feel sorry for the guy at all.


someone didn’t know what a ‘reserve price’ is, lol


dude 128 is even lower than a regular TE stick at retail. So lucky. Thats ebay for ya. I got my original PSP back in the day for 80 buck off ebay and it came with 5 games. I kinda felt sorry for the guy.


No sympathy to whoever tries to profit off collectors.

Unless the dude picked up an extra in order to give people who didn’t go to SDCC a chance to nab one of these. But I highly doubt that.


I still don’t get why anyone has a problem with this. nobody is twisting anyone elses arm to buy anything. whatever people are willing to pay for something us what it’s worth to them. Plus, I still don’t know why anybody would buy something rare like that just to play with it… or why not just buy a
normal TE then? people buy rare things usually because they expect them to go up in value, that’s just the nature if it. Collectors are willing to pay those prices for a reason. well… usually. Didn’t work out for comic-con stick resellers haha. but that’s the risk they took. no need to feel good or bad for anyone, they all know what they’re getting into.


I don’t have a problem if an auction or price point starts off at reasonable price. There was an SRK member auctioning one and it started at $0.01. I have no issues with that because that just allows people who couldn’t go to SDCC to grab one. However, there were other auctions with the sticks marked up to ridiculous prices. There was one starting at $999.99. It’s these people I have no sympathy for if their auction falls through.


I’m just saying, there’s no reason to have sympathy or animosity toward ANYONE for any real reason. The market works all these things out by itself. The guy who charges 999 doesn’t have his stick bought, there’s his consequence (and he loses a farily good amount in listing fees, haha). He knew he was risking that when he set the price though. In the same vein, if someone HAD paid 1000 for the stick, I wouldn’t feel bad for them, or think the seller did anything wrong either. They both understand the transaction, and if you’re willing to pay 1000 bucks for something, then I guess that’s what it’s worth to you. There’s nothing wrong with selling something at any price someone is willing to pay for it- regardless of how much one person profits off of it.

I mean… i guess it might be a little fucked up if a fightstick was food and you’re trying to profit off a starving man or something, haha. But it’s just a commodity, nobody needs it to live or anything.


Iuno, it just seems malicious. Someone probably wasn’t able to pick a stick up even at SDCC because someone else had plans to turn a profit on theirs. It sucks to be denied a collectible, for any reason.

I mean, there was no way I was going to go to SDCC so I was going to settle on a limited edition fight pad by ordering one online. Except the online store didn’t ship to Canada. That alone was frustrating enough. Imagine having some douchebag grab them all and sell them to you at 500% of their normal price.

As lame as it sounds, I’d just rather have the TEs go to people who’d enjoy them, not to people who are looking to profit.