Tracks Tavern (Milwaukee) 6-25-11 Results


1 - Organous (Gief)
2 - Aki (Gief)
3 - Munn3y (Balrog)

1 - Kerahime (Tron, Dante, Sent)
2 - Syxx (X-23, Wesker, Tron)
3 - Lil Negrito (Wesker, Tron, Sent)

1 - Lil Negrito (Reptizzle)
2 - Nappy (Kabal)
3 - Brotherman 5th Floor

Tekken 6
1 - Antonio C. (Julia)
2 - Lil Negrito (Steve)
3 - Tick (Baek)

1 - David (Remy)
2 - L.O.P.E. (Ryu, Ken)
3 - Brotherman 5th Floor (Sean)

Thanks everyone who came, hope you all had a good time. Grats to the winners.

smh munney…


3S was ran? What?


I know devin. I was smh also. Didnt play organous but coulda had aki’s gief too. It was 2-2 but he beat me last match. Ugh they need to patch green hands knock down. Id prefer that then no knockdown and spd after


backdash would only lose to another green hand in that situation which i doubt most giefs would do


People signed up for it so we ran it. Also I put in 20 dollar pot bonus for first place.

Brotherman has the highest level of ume I have seen in 3S, it was on the same level I was at when I was in SSJ mode in HDR… fucking sick shit. You would have gone nuts if you watched that dude play



  1. Gief
  2. Gief

How many people entered marvel?


WTF Va outta nowhere?! Sean tier top 3?! What happened w/KoF13? I had a KoF13 dream last night. I’m in love.

GGs to everyone I played before I had to go to work like a bitch.


Lost to Gief and Rog. Story of Milwaukee SF4.

only like 7 for marvel i think. average SF4 player has given up on it already.


actually munney, i was thinking about it and gief has a really solid OS (low short x low rh) after ex green hand that will only lose to a reversal headbutt. so yeah i can see that being rough.


Yeah, I’ve been doing low short to keep 'em grounded and scared. U2 has been reliable after EXGH, too. Scare 'em with hugs 'til you know they’ll run, then run U2 after EXGH to catch backdash and jump attempts.