Tracks Tavern Milwaukee,WI Black N Brew Results 11/27

First and foremost thanks to everybody that showed up I really didn’t think we were going to have the great turnout that we did

1 Big Marcus
2 Tuboware
3 Munn3y
4 Fenix
5 David
5 OHM7
7 footmeetsskull
7 Grouchy Business
9 Jerry
9 Yoshi
9 Madwak
9 Shin Wolverine
13 Choppie Choppie
13 Price

Grats to Tubo for taking Marcus’ Vega down

You’re a hero among us

I can’t believe I still suck. Give up? Retire? . . .

My Ryu was a$$ today you just gotta take it in stride and try to continually improve.

first time going to the tourny and i had a good time, good job on running Super footmeetsskull…I was one of the chicago guys that came down with marcus

Marcus Vega is Fray.

hey, could you list their characters after their name if possible?

Lol if you wanna see what characters people are playing come to the tourney next time lol. I really don’t remember who everybody was playing I guess next time we will keep track.

Wish I could have been there - Didn’t expect much of a turnout with the holiday weekend, glad it went well. Hope December gets a better turnout.

I would have remembered… mostly :wink:

Sorry I couldn’t make it out today, glad to hear the turnout was decent even with the busy weekend most people were having. I’ll see you guys at the next one in like January perhaps? Thanks to the IL players for coming out and supporting the tournament.

Also to anyone who made it out for the first time in somewhat close proximity to or in Milwaukee, please be sure to join us at the fight nights that Jerry holds every tuesday.

milwaukee is too far for sorry

I’ll go ahead and help out those who want to know the characters played lol

1 Big Marcus (Vega/M.Bison)
2 Tuboware (Blanka)
3 Munn3y (Boxer)
4 Fenix (Cammy/Fei Long)
5 David
5 OHM7
7 footmeetsskull (Ryu/Juri)
7 Grouchy Business (M. Bison)
9 Jerry (Gief)
9 Yoshi
9 Madwak (C.Viper)
9 Shin Wolverine (T. Hawk)
13 Choppie Choppie
13 Price

Feel free to correct me if I made a mistake :slight_smile:


Poor excuse. If we can come from another state, you can go in state. Even if it is a farther drive than the 2 and a half hours we have. Support your local scene and tournament organizers. Its a great venue with no venue fee, great food, laid back bar, and really good atmosphere.

Excuses are like assholes, we all got em, and they all stink.

where the fuck was furganious

Thanks for posting I remembered most of who played who but there were times when I was at the bar and didn’t see certain matches so it was unclear who played who at times.

doing good/bad in tournament =/= a good/bad player.

i know this from exp. clearly lol. also, viper is ass.

Eh, it’s just not really worth it to come during that exact day. I mean come on, it was thanksgiving weekend. Tracks is a great place(I’ve been there before) and the environment is great! It was just a bad day in my opinion, atlteast for me

It was a crappy weekend for a tourney but we had a great turn out regardless and for that I’m very happy. Hopefully you can make it out to our next one in January.

I kinda disagree with your statement Devin we all have off days just because you play shitty in a couple tourneys doesn’t mean you are a bad player. Everybody has off days now and again. Viper isn’t ass I just think you had an off day with her. I did terrible with my Freeyu last Saturday I lost to Cody which almost never happens. You just gotta analyze what you did wrong and try to learn from it.

thats exactly what i said lol or at least was trying to say. doing good or bad in tournament doesnt always mean your a good or bad player