Tracks Tavern (Milwaukee, WI) Level 4 Results (8-21-2010)


  1. David Sirlin Jr.
  2. Footmeetsskull
  3. Arsenal
  4. Madwak
  5. Choppie_choppie
  6. Syxx
  7. Chee
  8. ShinWolverine
  9. Chun Pai
  10. Sausepan Man
  11. Tomato Pancake
  12. Price
  13. Antonio C.
  14. Hickory Hammer
  15. Frankie G.

BBCS round robin

  1. Frankie G.
  2. NappyJin

Thanks again to everyone who came out, it was good times :slight_smile:

Had fun, burgers weren’t quite as good this time around though. Lol @ SF4.

WAT. where are the rest of them?

So now I’m David Sirlin Jr.? Ok, I’ll accept a nickname. Heck, my other gaming group calls me “Wiikid” because I used to bring a Nintendo Wii all the time, even though I barely touch the thing anymore.
It felt a little underwhelming to have half the attendance of the last one, especially with Soloist being right there in the room the whole time. We got some good matches later, but he drained out that last of my fighter-game energy. That was good stuff.

Imagine my surprise when my first matchup was against a Blanka! I’m sure it was a pre-counter-pick, since we had been playing a lot of casuals early on. Still, I wouldn’t have made it if not for needing to practice the matchup. It’s always a difficult one, and I still have some things to practice with it. I got in a few nice tricks, though. :wink:

If I remember correctly, the only person to get a match out of me was a guy who plays Crimson Viper. I see the guy all the time, and yet I can never get the name down (I’m terribly sorry). Man, I forgot just what potential she can have. It really showed how valuable Siberian Blizzard can be to that matchup, though. The first one wasn’t even by my design. I just use it so much and prepare for it that by the time I was up, my eyes saw something approaching me in the air and my hands just did their own thing. Really though, the only reason I actually won the thing is that you seemed to forget Zangief grabs people. Granted, so did I. I was trying my crossup positioning all the time to the point of easy predictability. I know it’s a flaw, but it does get to the fundamental principle of my okizeme. This is basically why I think 3-round matches don’t mean much. I don’t know about you guys, but I find I don’t get a lot of time to read my opponent’s strategy in that timeframe. Best Match

I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to play against Boxer. He’s still my biggest problem matchup, and I hadn’t had enough opportunities to practice against it before Saturday. I got some though, and the advice I got in the Boxer forum really helped frame the matchup for me. Work on that Headbutt-Ultra combo, though. I only saw it attempted once, and it was just late. The safety of the headbutt and the power of that combo is just freakish. It’s a big reason why I have to force crossup questions on you; to make the combo more difficult to get out and make you question the validity of even attempting it against safe jumping.

Who was the guy playing Rose? There was some good stuff in that matchup. I had no idea I would be encountering Rose with this tournament, yet it was a happy accident I went in with her in mind. Ironically, the very tactic I had been practicing backfired on me. It never occurred to me that someone would immediately jump with Soul Satellite. I just figured nobody would expect a grab in response. The last Rose I played (using Honda) fell to Ochio Throw rather consistently after ultra. I only made him apprehensive, though. He never attempted to jump like you did, so it didn’t occur to me until our chat afterward that the lariat would be workable. You really shouldn’t have given up toward the end, though. It’s never over until the last KO is announced. Miracles can happen, but they’re much more likely to happen if allow them.

Foot, what can I say? Nothing really needs to be said. I’ve played against you probably more than anyone there, except maybe Soloist. That made the match completely comfortable for me. I now understand more of what it means to be comfortable with a tournament environment, because when you just mess around with the people against whom you will later compete, it helps take off some of the stress. That was my biggest weakness last time; my self-imposed pressure. I’m sorry I was really annoying with the math later. It was like extorting money from a friend with how dirty I felt.

My biggest upset, but one I really expected: I never got to focus into Siberian Blizzard. It would’ve been hilarious to get done in a tournament environment. Unfortunately, the characters affected by that are few and fewer still actually provide a realistic situation for it to occur. It might occur with Dictator, Claw, or maybe a Blanka player overly confident in the invincibility of electricity. Still, thank you for nominating me for entry into the house of Sirlin. :slight_smile:

lol @ Frankie showing up to this tournament so A13 had to run round robin for 7 people instead of having 8 man bracket.

either that or 2 more of you could have come and we would have had an 8 man bracket. or we can coordinate having the 2 tournaments running on 2 different days and have a 14 man bracket

also organous did you know that you can have a blog as part of srk? it’s under profile.

also i forget who got 5th so i didn’t post the whole results. if someone tells me who foot played right before he played madwak then i’ll know the whole bracket. i know i tied for 5th too but i didn’t want to just be an ahole and post that i got 5th lol

I think I played Foot before he played Madwak. Also Dans face when organeouse won the tournament. [media=youtube]woySeSNBL3o[/media]

where can i see the rest of the results and how did HDR go?

Dan… Did you lose the results somewhere? lol

HUSH!!! I just wanted to make sure i was accurate. master6angel sorry no hdr this time there was only a few of us who played that were here this time so no go. Also they just did tekken mms and mateo was beasting all day.

Since Frankie won the round robin I’m definitely saying hell yes to 14 people.

I played foot right after shin wuffy, but I don’t know if Madwak was next, as I was outside smoking a salty ciggy.

ok thats what i thought choppie but i wasn’t sure!!! i was distracted at the time arsenal knows what i’m talking about

GGs everyone. Frankie got me this time…now I’m back in the swing of things BB wise so I encourage anyone to come out next time. I am not free? =3