Trade and selling Xbox 360, MAS Stick and more


Hey guys, I have for sale and trade a barely used Xbox 360 20 gig. Has controller, component cables, and power supply. It is an older model, but it is still in great condition. SOLD

Also for trade/sale, PS2 MAS stick. $100 shipped.

And blank 360 SE stick case with headset port and wire still attached. $20 shipped.

Things I would like to trade for.

Nintendo Wii

Xbox 360 HD 40 gig or larger

Nintendo DS Spinner paddle

Xbox 360 controller pcb pre-wired with quick disconnects or SE 360 guts.

Good flat screen CRT w/ component input (local to nashville).

AOC 2330v lcd monitor.


hey what kind of joystick is in the Mas thanks


PM sent for xbox


HAPP competition.


HAPP competition.


Is that 360 in danger of the red ring or E74 error anytime soon? Also, has it been registered yet?


I’m interested in buying your 360 if it’s still for sale but I tried sending you a PM and your inbox is full.
I do however have a question beforehand: Do you know the manufacturing date of the console?
I ask because I’d rather only buy it if it was made during or after 2006.


Sorry, I just cleared it up. The manufacture date is December 13th 2005. It has never been refurbished or RROD. I bought it used on Ebay a while ago as a second Xbox to do system link with multiplayer online games, but my roomate backed out of getting their own live account. Therefore I have rarely used it. To my knowledge it has never been registered either. I understand if this information might change your mind, but it is working problem free at the moment.


Are you interested in trades for your 360? Check my “Firesale” thread. please let me know.


Bump, 360 sold