Trade followups

Remy can followup on a lot of moves that trade like: anti air saI trade into razorkick(usually has to be kara), cr.fierce trade into razorkick, mk trade(crouching opponent) into super.

I have a tendency to hit an ex razorkick real late on a jumping opponent. Its funny because their jump attack usually hits me out before the 2nd hit can connect. So Remy is still on the ground and the opponent is flying in the air. Does anyone know of any followups in this situation? It’s pretty impossible to replicate in training mode.

Theoretically it should be possible to combo. But I don’t think Remy has anything fast enough to hit before they touch the ground. I don’t think distance would really be an issue, because u could just kara anymove with RH to gain massive distance. If you can combo after the first traded hit, I would say timing would be the key. By the time remy recovers I think they are to far to catch with an Un-Karaed move. So therefore a Kara is needed. But then that brings us back to the timing issue…A kara comes out slower than a un-karaed move, so I doubt that a Kara would land. Thats gonna be a hard one to figure out. Keep us posted!!