Tradeback your favorite artist

concept: this isnt like a normal artbook collection…your job is to tradeback an artist who’s issues you’d love to just see purely on art value. None of the issues have to even make sense…you could have a jla in their and then it could be spider-man. no real connection but just good art…u could stare at all day…wut artists do that for you.


chris cross
joe mad
lesean thomas
keron grant
jeff smith(i know this is odd since he’s really only done 1 thing in his life…for the whole of a lifetime)
josh middleton
pop mhan

Humberto Ramos
Neal Adams
Bryan Lee O’Malley
George Perez
Jim Lee

Number one would have to be Will Eisner. Take a look at Minor Miracles… his use of wash is insane. He was like Michelangelo.

I would also put in Joe Schuster. Though his drawings were very simple, his rendition of Superman (not the costume itself, but the character wearing it) is definitive, and it laid the groundwork for the entire superhero genre–which obviously dominates the history of comics, for better or worse.

Frank Miller is in, specifically for his work on Sin City. Marv’s walk in the rain from the first Sin City is probably my all-time favorite Frank Miller piece.

Neal Adams is in. Just about anything he ever did with Batman is fair game for an art book. He has the draftsmanship of Alex Ross, combined with the storytelling ability of Jack Kirby.

Robert Crumb is another obvious pick. His art style is so distinctive and so simple, but what he does with it is pretty outrageous. There’s a great documentary about him that shows him creating these intricate drawings with just a pad of paper and a Sharpie.

Tim Sale is great. I don’t read a lot of superhero comics, but he’s been involved in some pretty great stuff in relatively recent times. The Long Halloween is probably the best Batman artwork I can think of since David Mazzuchelli’s work on Year One.

Stuart Immonen is in, based purely on his work in Superman: Secret Identity. It is damn hard to make pencil drawings work as finalized art, but he did far better than just make it work. It enhances the story in a very powerful way, and the number one job of the comics artist is to work in service of the story.

Dave Gibbons is in. His artwork strikes the perfect balance between very humane realism and comic booky cartooning. He deserves as much credit for Watchmen as Alan Moore does. It was very much a partnership.

And I suppose I’d better mention Frank Quitely, since All Star Superman is the most exciting thing that’s happened in superhero comics in a very long time. His art really brings the stories to life.

Dave Gibbons
Tim Sale
Darwyn Cooke(of course)
Jim Steranko
Jack Kirby
Pia Guerra
Olivier Coipel
Chris Bachalo(fuck the haters)
Alex Ross
Howard Porter
Bruce Timm(the simplicity gets to me)
Francis Leinel Yu

Ledroit, who made “Requiem”…that’s not a comic but oh well i CAN stare at his drawings :stuck_out_tongue:
Frank Miller, for obvious reasons.
And John Buscema because i just love the way he draws conan ^^

Fuck, I can’t believe I forgot Steranko. God, I suck.

wow i cant believe i forgot these two. immonen’s art is too crazy. wish he would release a sketchbook.

I know you didn’t mean it to sound pretensious, but TECHNICALLY, Ross would have the draftsmanship of Adams.

Neal came first.

Oh, and I also forgot Steranko.

Alex Maleev and James Jean.

Damn, forgot to add that.

Greg Land

Travis Charest

Jae Lee

Adams Huges

Terry Dodson

You sure he didn’t mean it to sound that way?

Just kidding, goody. When we start our Pitchfork of Comics, we’re hiring you to be the man for sure.

My list:

Todd McFarlane
Michael Turner
Tony Battle
Joe Madureira
John Byrne
Greg Land
Top Cow Studios

Y’know, as much as I hate Todd McFarlane the man, his art is pretty cool (when it’s not being hyper-critical, like in Spawn #10).

I’m not a fan of the way he draws capes, but his Spider Man is just astounding.

I can look at his art all day and never get bored, but if I have to read anything WRITTEN by him, it’s just blech.

Technically you’re correct, but technically, like I give a damn.

Of course Adams was first. I was merely demonstrating that he has the desirable traits of several popular artists, in a way that makes his technique much stronger than the sum of its parts.


That would be a matter of opinion, I find Adams’ type of ‘realism’ a thousand times better than Ross’s.

if that’s pretensiousness, well, that’s just who I am.

Adams can draw anatomy at a level Ross could only DREAM of.

Todd Nauck - Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man stint, currently he is one of my favorite artists, really feeling him right now.

Everyone else in no particular order:

Chris Bachalo
Alvin Lee
Jim Lee
Lienel Francis Yu
Todd McFarlane
Marc Silvestri
Arthur Adams
Alan Davis
Frank Cho
Alex Ross
Kia Asamiya
John Romita Jr.
Joe Mad
Greg Capullo
Humberto Ramos
Steve Ditko
Don Rosa
Weiringo RIP

And a bunch of artists I’m forgetting about right now…

I believe I’ve made my opinion on both Adams and Ross quite clear here on several occasions. You’re preaching to the choir.

I know, I should’ve just dropped it, and for that I’m sorry.

Forgive an old fool for forgetting sometimes.

todd nauk is an artist i only liked on young justice…and he needs to stop lieing about his blantant anime influence…kiss my ass. we know he has a secret stash of manga in his art room.

humberto ramos’s style fits his own created characters but when he touches other stuff it looks sooo rediculously out of place except for impulse.

I think that was the ONLY time Impulse ever looked good under Humberto Ramos’s pencils. Like, it was anime-influenced, but it almost had it’s own flair. Now it’s just too pointy and angular. It doesn’t feel as fluid anymore. It all started to go downhill after Crimson(which was OK, actually).

Man, I’m still waiting for Joe Mad on Ultimates. That’s gonna take YEARS to come out.