(TRADED): 1 year PSN code for $40, code sent via email! (TRADED)


[s]I bought a couple PSN yearly codes last time I saw them for sale at $40.99. I don’t own a PS4 or Vita anymore and as such I don’t really need this PSN code. Just looking to make my money back and pass on the deal to someone here who needs one. please cover paypal fee if possible! (only $1.50)

Code is guaranteed legit and never redeemed, will be sent by email as soon as payment is completed.

I have a WTB for a Hayabusa joystick, would be willing to work somtehing out if you have one and need a PSN code…[/s]

Traded with Feargus001100 for a Hayabusa + 30mm button! thanks feargus!


I’d be down to work out a trade for a Hayabusa stick @TizTozBriBru .

PM me you zip so I can see how much shipping would be.


Working out a deal with Feargus 001100.