(TRADED plz Close)WTT: MAS Stick (Happ)Case for a Sanwa Case



I am looking to trade my 8 Button Mas Stick Shell (Empty) for a Sanwa Case (Could be empty).

Cases I am NOT interested in:
-Hori PlayStation 3 Fighting Stick
-Hori Fighting Stick EX 2 Arcade Joystick
-Hori Wii Fighting Stick
(I don’t want anything to small)

Cases I am interested in:
-Tekken Hrap(Even though it takes modding)
(Looking for something of medium to large size)

Please post or PM pictures of the case you want to trade.

If it is not mentioned in the Interested/uninterested section, talk to me. I may be interested.

This is the Mas Case thats up for trade. It comes without the buttons and Stick. Also missing bottom panel which should be an easy fix with a simple replacment.


that strang, i didnt know p360s came in red?


It’s a Wico 360 =). Out of production, but they are great no corner issues like Happ.


PM sent




PM sent




I’ll give you a DC agetec shell & money for this trade!


Sorry already made arrangements for trade.