I want to get rid of the original art and bezel from my MVC TE, so that I can get a full cut plexi from Art.
Its still in mint condidtion.

I dont have a digital camera but Im sure you all know just what it looks like.

I would like to get $25(free shipping US and Canada) for the art and white Bezel and first metal plate


is the art separated form the metal plate or u selling the whole thing?

hmmph, IDK… but I think it may already be spoken for, If I can get back with Meus sometime soon, I’ll let you now asap.

And if the metal plate is not nessecary after I get my plxi from art then I will sell it to. but If I need the plate I will have to keep it

thanks for you interest

With regards to that, the metal plate comes in two layers, one with the actual artwork, and the actual metal control panel with the mounting bracket. You can easily peel off the art which is what you’re able to sell off, but you NEED the mounting bracket and metal control panel for Art’s plexiglass covers. Well, that is until he releases his clear plexiglass covers with plexiglass mounting brackets, but those are a while away.

Thanks man.

He should be releasing the TE panels before the end of February. Since I’m local for him, I’ve been testing his two replacement panels (one that covers the whole face and one that is essentially similar dimensions to the original panel). They are TOUGH and everyone that have played on my sticks say it feels no different from the standard TE panel. Great quality stuff.

That being said, if you’re going for custom art, you probably want to keep your metal panel. Dunno if you’ll get as high as $30 for the art alone, though…

thats damn exspensive for a bezel and artwork i kinda want the bezel but whats the price

still 30 for art ad Bezel, I’ve been offered more in the past.
And you also ahave to keeep in mind that I’m includeing free shipping

the package includes the art the bezel and the first metal plate…

I am using a black acrylic ART top so I wont need the first plate for art work.

Final price 25 shipped.

Looking to trade for 6 Black sanwa OBSF 30, Black Bat Top and adapter for JLF, plus…

You do need the Metal Plate.
arthong has not released his Custom Acrylic Panel that replaces the stock Metal Panel yet.

I actually have a need for the bezel. I was going to paint my red one white, but heck if you want to part with it, send me a PM.

There is only 1 metal plate, not a “first” or “second” plate…

And you need it because it holds the joystick in place, Art’s black plexi won’t hold the joystick…

He will release a plexi panel that will be able to replace the top metal plate but he hasn’t yet.

I still want the bezel lol.

Traded to Meus