Hello all. I have a bunch of arcade sticks for trade.

I have pretty much everything. I’m always looking for something new or to add multiples to my collection… If you want to get rid of your stuff and trade with me, let me know what you’re looking for, chances are I have it. Especially Mad Catz sticks.

Want to trade them towards (I have $$$ money too) other arcade sticks… Either straight up trade, or if the stick is worth more(I know what they’re worth!), I’ll add some money or other stuff/parts or whatever.

Looking for any limited Hori sticks/game licensed Hori sticks… rare sticks, custom sticks… and cool stuff! Make an offer in here!

A list of some things I’m looking for:

[]Hori RAP V3 SA - BlazBlue Continuum Shift Edition - PlayStation 3
]Hori RAP VX SA - BlazBlue Continuum Shift Edition - Xbox 360
[]Nice NEW/Unworn sneakers (Jordans, Nike SBs, or other hype beast stuff, lol) in 10.5 or 11 US sizes
]Cool & hard to find gaming swag
[]Sega HSS-130 in mint condition
]Hori Real Arcade Pro Special Edition (SE) - PlayStation 2

I’m not limited to just those, so throw out an offer!


P.S. - Don’t take offense if I don’t reply to you when you try to offer me a TEKKEN 6 wireless arcade stick or a TEKKEN 5 Hori. But yea. lol. And please, I don’t want any Mad Catz sticks either.


Would you be interested in a modded PS2-360 mirror top hrap.


No, sorry. Thanks for the offer though.


does it have to be 360/ps3? i have a lazeeya custom for ps2 iL/happ comp QD’s jap layout


It can be for any system. Not interested in a lazeeya custom, thanks though.


I have a Stanley Custom all Happ and P360 with a Pelican Converter for trade.


I’ve got the Tekken 5 PS2 Anniversary stick.



got an xbox 360 doa4 hori stick :3 it works 100% perfect.


Would you be interested in a Dual-Modded HRAP3 w/ Seimitsu Buttons & Stick?

It has some scuff marks but it’s a solid stick. It was made by Hakdizzle from the forums.


Hahah, Mark, you’re crazy. Anyway, I have an original HRAP SA with box (box was damaged when it was shipped from Japan though) but I’m pretty sure you have one of these.



Here is what I have:

3 PS3 TE ( 2 new, 1 wireless)
2 360 TE ( 1 new, 1 dual PCB w/ cthulhu)
2 PS3 SE ( 1 new, 1 full Sanwa)
3 T5 ( 1 new, 2 mint)
3 SFAC (1 Full HAPP)
1 BlazBlue HRAP
1 Interact PS1 Stick


I’ve got a modded SFAE stick with original art and happ buttons. Modded with a ps1 pcb. Original box and poster.


I have a modded Soul Calibur 4 EX2 if your interested.


I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro Amazon Edition modded with light blue sanwa buttons.


I have Hori EX 2 SC4 edition…the top middle button is broken, will trade for both TE sticks. I’m seriosu, I know my values.


Lol that stick is worth $60 at most






^ see above…

Paik, I’m interested! Lets chat about it… I only have one I need a second. I don’t mind the box thing.

Everyone else, thanks for your offers so far but nothing interests me yet. I’m more interested in new/rare sticks. I have just about every recent stick out.


I have a Hori Fighting Stick 2 for PS2, Modded with a Sanwa JLF and Sanwa Buttons. Let me know if your interested.