Trading Damage for Taunt



Is it generally worth it to trade damage to get the taunt out? What I typically do is try to establish the taunt during the first part of the first round. For example, if I’m fighting a Ken who for whatever reason (probably a standing roundhouse on my part) is far away from me, and if I taunt, he’ll likely do a fierce fireball and hit me before I recover from the taunt. Personally, I think it’s a good trade, especially if he’s willing to do it three times. Sure, a quarter to a third of your life is gone, but that means that you’ll have twice a regular 3/4 to 2/3 life, or 3/2 to 4/3 of your normal amount of life, and twice your life for the next round or two. I think that’s a pretty sweet deal. What about in other cases, with more damaging moves? I’m not willing to trade a taunt for a super (barring maybe like Sean’s fireball super or some such crap), but in general at the beginning of the match I think it’s worth the loss of life for the gain in damage reduction throughout the entire round.

Also, does a taunt done after a round is over count toward damage reduction? I tend to taunt as soon as I beat the other guy, meaning that I’ll get a taunt out after the round is over but before the next round starts; does that have thesame effect as a regular taunt?


Umm, you seem to be a bit confused dude, the taunt only counts when the animation for it is finished, so like you said if you trade hits with Ken’s fireball before your taunt finishes and this happens 3 times in a round you don’t get the benifits of defence up.

The thing is tho Q’s taunt animation is extremely quick anyways so you can easily pull one off if you knock your opponent down. Something you can try is knocking your opponent down with b+HK (good anti air), this can be cancelled into a taunt.

In terms of the taunt effects being carried over to the next round, no this does not happen, you have to repeat the whole taunt business each round.

So basically set-up your opponent each round to enable yourself to get all 3 taunts in… without getting hit.


Actually you are wrong. As soon as Q puts his other foot down in the taunt animation, he has the defense bonus. Try it out. As for trading hits to get a taunt out, it depends on the character. Eating a fireball for a taunt is always in your favor, but not many people do that around here. If somebody is playing somebody like chun li(SA2 of course), I’ll taunt right in front of her if she has no meter, what’s she going to do? Hit me with a fierce? Same thing for the twins when they don’t have meter. If i’m outside of sweep distance I’ll taunt. They’ll usually walk up and sweep me because they don’t have time for anything else. An no, taunting at the end of a round does not count towards the next round.


yes, streak is right


Re: Re: Trading Damage for Taunt

Hmm, interesting, I was never aware of that, my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

StreakSRM, does this only happen to Q, or does this apply to other characters when they reach a particular part of their taunt animation? I ask this cos I use taunt a lot when using Hugo (taunt after neutral throw), so i was just wondering for the sake of wondering:)


Hugo says “common… yeah!” or something during his taunt, as soon as he says “Yeah!”, he gets the bonus.


I was under the impression that taunting at the beginning of the match carried through to each round. Is this wrong? Do I have to taunt at the beginning of each round?


No, the taunts don’t carry over into other rounds.