Trading hits

Balrog jump HK and Abel does his cr. HP, both of them get hit, but only Abel gets damage.
Has this ever happen to you guys.

Not possible. If Balrog gets hit by either hit of the cr. HP, he’s gonna take damage for that hit. It might seem like none, its prolly just very very little.

I think you’re prolly talking about Falling Sky trades. Sometimes that has some weird trades where only Abel gets hurt.

It doesn’t only happen with Abel, it also happen with other characters don’t remember which and I’m on ps3.

Falling Sky is actually two parts. The first part does 0 damage but can still trade. Like so:


Completely off topic but I watched that clip about 5 times in a row - Gave me a good giggle each time, no idea why.

On a semi-related note I remember having a bout against a Gouken player and I could have sworn that during an airbourne move of his, he ‘absorbed’ damage from my DStraight without any move he performed being an EX Move or any noticeable armor properties… Couldn’t explain it at the time… I’ll have to rummage through my movies again to see if I can find the clip (if I recorded it at all) and make sure I wasn’t mistaken.

Gouken has four moves he can do during a demon flip; sweep (no inputs), dive kick (any kick), grab (jab+short), and air parry (any punch). Maybe the air parry is what you saw.

It’s the air parry, I play against a couple of Gouken’s and I remember being alarmed by it the first time I saw it!

xaaz should be a corner man for all tournament Rogs. Encyclopedia Rogtanica.


Hmmm so the Parry merely ‘parries’ a move but doesn’t cause a counterattack like his groundbound Parry? It made the same sound as an absorb (the high splish sound) but had no armor (shining yellow) so it was very confusing for me at the time.

Thanks for the explanation though! Never get to face many Goukens on GFWL so I’m not too clued up on most of stuff, or that of some other console characters for that matter.

Found a visual reference:


As said, don’t have a lot of experience with him at all and the movie is quite old at this stage but I always remembered that little detail. Not experienced the Abel FS Trade yet, myself.

yeh, fuerte’s guacamole leg drop has similar two hit properties with possible air-to-air trades.