Trading my 80gb for a old school PS3? Question arises

Lets just say if I found someone willing to trade their 20gb PS3 with hardware emulation, what would I need to do and know before trading?
I know the first thing to do is to backup the hard drive and delete my accounts linked to my PS3 but what about the DLC I leave behind? Technically my system will be deactivated so I’m not sure how the DLC will work if when the person taking mine uses his account with the content…will it be locked out? My activated PS3s are at their limit(2 brothers, cousin, my friend and I).

I’m pretty sure you can format your ps3 hard drive

Yes to that idea but if I wanted to leave the DLC as an incentive that won’t affect my account, I should probably tell the person that it may not work then? Just wondering if anyone has a definite answer but thanks for the suggestion Kelter.

just get a ps2, they’re cheap and you wont suffer from 3 frames of lag

Oh man really??
I would have thought that hardware emulated games on the PS3 would be 99% accurate, would have been fine if I stuck to import turn base strat games but I was thinking about playing so older fighters.
Yeah, my modded PS2 just died, I didn’t mind playing on it before but assuming if the PS3 has up scaling on it, it would save me the trouble of finding a PS2 to mod and finding component cables(if there are any available, I dunno, never really checked).

You can just deactivate your PS3 system, then redownload the downloaded content on the new system. Or use the Data Transfer Utility.

Wasn’t the 20GB PS3 the only one without the built in wifi? I don’t use wifi for PSN, but it’s handy if you’ve got a PSP and want to play your ad hoc games online with others.

Though, if PS2 playback is all you’re really interested in you can get a used PS2 for dirt cheap - not that the new ones are going to break the bank.

If your talking about the 20gb that launched with the 60, it came with the actual emotion chip in it.
It shouldn’t lag.

Yeah, all 20gb versions didn’t have wifi built in. I’m going with everyone else and saying get a PS2.

It lags, hardware emulation lags just the same

buy a PS2, way better for ps2 games.

I have a 60GB PS3 with an Emotion Engine (so hardware emulation) - it lags. It’s fine for RPGs and such, but since you said you want to still play PS2 fighters, I have to agree with everyone recommending that you should just get another PS2.

Also, component cables that work for the PS3 work for PS2 as well (same a/v port on the back), so you can still find them really easily at any game stores.

I use my PS3 60 for PS2, who cares about the lag. No extra system, no SDTV, and no extra memory cards.

But… I wouldn’t go for a 20.

As far as your DLC is concerned, all you need do is deactivate the system and simply reformat the drive as everyone else has suggested. Once the HDD is reformatted, the next user has no access to your PSN account or any other account that you have set up through that PS3 such as NetFlix. The hassles of using DLC as an incentive for the next guy is not worth the trouble to even consider, IMO.

Hardware-wise, keep in mind that many users, due to recent firmware updates, have had issues with failing BD drives in their “fat”, pre-2008 consoles. Or that they would experience random disconnects from PSN and weak connection signals.

A PS3 “slim” model and seperate PS2 may end up being the wiser choice, IMO.