Trading Outlet Feature Suggestion (iTrader)


Hey guys,

The trading outlet is a fantastic place to buy, sell, and trade things. SRK is growing, and now more than ever I would love to see the iTrader forum program here on SRK to help with feedback. The User Feedback is a great forum section indeed, but sometimes its a littler harder to find a person’s feedback and find info about them.

With this iTrader program, everyone will have their trading info right beside their screen name and when clicked on, a whole slue of information about the user trading can be read on about them. It works very much like eBay feedback, with positive and negative feedback, descriptions for the feedback, and trader rating scores.

Check out the information here:

And here is an example of my own iTrader profile on the guitar forums jemsite.

So what do you say? If you’d love to see this feature implemented,** please vote **yes, and I will, along with some mods’ help hopefully, will make an appeal to the Admins about this.

Thank you! :lovin:


Sounds great to me, why not?

Sounds like a fantastic idea as long as all the current rules stay the same.

Good idea. Same as iTrading Rating up at blu-ray forum.

I agree, just put that in the profile and keep the current user feedback system.

good idea. sometimes i cant even find my own feedback thread.

SOunds great. I was actually surprised this forum didn’t feature this.

Yeah it’s a great idea, Hopefully this will be approved and implemented.

sounds dope

if i remembered correctly a few people had suggested something similar a longg time ago and wiz turned it down. i forgot why but i think it was something along the lines of it was hard to implement. imo user feedback is enough because this site doesnt heavily do trading/selling.

I like it. I’ve used it on It is nice and simple to use. But in the end, the site has to decide to make the switch, and see if it will be beneficial for them to set up the new iTrader system.

Script mods like this shouldn’t be all that hard to implement. It’s more of a pain in the ass of maintaining them when the actual forum receives updates.

Think of it like Firefox extensions when a new version releases. As long as it’s actively developed it should be fine.

If it doesn’t work out and people don’t like, we could always go back to the plain old user feedback format. Why not give it a try? I vote YES

You’ve got a point, but I’ve seen other forums implement this feature and its been seamless.

Thanks for the votes guys! Lets keep it going! :nunchuck:

I’ve been on a few sites with this and I think it’s a good idea. It would be sweet if a feedback number could be placed somewhere near our usernames.

Oh I agree. I work for a webhost and have messed with plenty of forums. It’s probably half an hour max to roll this out.

Im all for it, but since the post, the mod has put in the modification graveyard, and has no files to download and no support for 3.8.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant earlier. It the mod isn’t actively developed then it stops being supported when the forum gets updated.

OP go search for another one that does the same thing and works with 3.8. I may go digging for one later today.

It does heavy enough trading/selling to implement this feature for sure with the release of SF IV. I really don’t see the downside besides the support issues.

Not only that, The feedback forum is not used as enough as it should be, having been browsing the Trading Outlet on a daily basis since I’m getting a custom stick built, I’ve seen many transactions being done on many topics in the Trading Outlet and very few feedback being left for the seller in the Feedback forum.

If this iTrader function works and is more likely to produce more information on whether a buyer or seller is someone not worth dealing with then this would be improving the system for feedback overall and killing several birds in one stone.