Trading With Throws

My questions are pretty straightforward but I haven’t found decisive answers on subject in the wiki or in searches:

What happens when one player executes a move that hits on the 3rd frame at the exact same time that the other player executes a (regular) throw that hits on the 3rd frame. For example, in a Ryu mirror match crouching light punch versus a throw input simultaneously.

It’s hard for me to test because I’ll get different results if I’m even 1 frame off in either direction.

Theoretically, whatever happens would be the same regardless of whether or not the 3 frame move is a light punch or light SRK, correct?

Also, is this any different with command throws? For example, Honda’s Oicho Throw input simultaneously with Ryu’s standing hard punch? (Both of these moves become active on their respective 5th frames.)

Two throws input simultaneously would obviously tech, but what about throws which cannot tech? What happens when two Zangiefs SPD each other simultaneously or two Guile / Cammy / Vegas attempt simultaneous air throws?

EDIT: proven wrong.

I believe the opposite is true. My supporting evidence is "OMG MY FOOT MADE A SWOOSH SOUND WHY DID I GET GRABBED"
About the command grabs at the same time though…no idea on that one. Probably random :tdown:

I just tested it throw always beats normal if they come out on the same frame. Light srk will always beat a throw because it has throw invulnerability as long as it’s on the ground, excepting Sakura and Gouken.
As for two untechable throws at the same time it’s random who wins. It really easy to test with raging demos supers

yep throw always beats normal.
when it doesn’t is why weird stuff like abel’s antiair throw trading but doing no damage happens and seth’s qcb kick trading with air fireball etc

Thanks for checking this. I don’t know how you did it, but awesome. I also didn’t know about the SRK startup throw invulnerability… although come to think of it I’ve never been thrown out of one so ya that makes sense.

What about when regular throws happen simultaneously with command throws?

Falling Sky and Guacamole Leg Throw aren’t throws, but since you can’t block in midair the only difference is that they can trade and counterhit.

Also, Gouken can air parry them (actually I didn’t test with Guacamole Leg Throw). He can’t parry Rose’s Soul Throw, so it’s an actual grab.

I just wrote a simple script to test it.

testing with seth’s spd because it has the same start up as a normal throw it’s random who wins. Keep in mind that throws have different ranges and invincibility. An ex spd or a non-ex tornado throw will always beat a normal throw