Trag's combo collection

OK. Basically got tired of posting the same combo in 2 different threads (TvC Video Thread and Character Specific Thread) so I made this thread to house them all. Please feel free to ask questions or discuss any of the combos here. I will add more info for each combo if needed.

Many of these combos (or some variants of them) will appear in the EVO 2010 Combo Project.

Thanks for watching!

[ ### ALEX ### ]

32,420 vs Ryu (1 Meter, BRQ)

24,028 vs Ryu

15,931 vs Ryu

31,709 vs Ryu (BRQ)

[ ### BATSU ### ]

27,560 vs Karas (1 Meter)

40,362 vs Ken (3 Meter)

- Loops

24,192 vs Karas

29.582 vs Karas (BRQ)

35,814 vs Karas (1 Meter, BRQ)

40,002 vs Karas (1 Meter, 1 Assist)

36,857 vs Karas

100% (37,678) vs Karas (1 Meter)

100% (39,862) vs Karas (1 Meter)

- Misc Stuff / Tricks




[ ### KARAS ### ]

24,981 vs Ryu

[ ### POLIMAR ### ]

29,364 vs Ryu (1 Meter, No Reset)

30,495 vs Ryu (1 Meter, 1 Reset)

- Team Combos

26,573 vs Ryu (1 Assist)

31,484 vs Ryu (1 Assist)

41,803 vs Ryu (1 Meter, 1 Assist, 1 Reset)

42,231 vs Ippatsuman (1 Meter, 1 Assist, 1 Reset)

35,387 vs Ippatsuman (3 Meter)

- Misc Stuff / Tricks

40,281 vs Ryu (1 Meter, 1 Assist, 2 Resets)

45,946 vs Ryu (1 Meter, 2 Assists, 2 Resets)

[ ### ROCK ### ]

26,270 vs Ippatsuman (1 Meter)

25,369 vs Ippatsuman (1 Meter)

26,880 vs Ryu (1 Meter)

29,243 vs Ryu (1 Meter)

28,308 vs Ippatsuman (1 Meter)

30,177 vs Ryu (1 Meter)

36,484 vs Ryu (1 Meter)

100% (48,065) vs Ryu (4 Meter)

30,038 vs Ryu (1 Meter)

- Misc Stuff / Tricks



[ ### ROLL ### ]

30,511 vs Ryu (No Meter, No Assist, No BRQ)

[ ### SOKI ### ]

23,512 vs Ippatsuman (BnB, No Meter, No Assist, No BRQ)

28,050 vs Karas (2 Meter, BRQ)

… BC3C, B3Cx2, B3C~Px6, BC3C…

- Loops



… 623A > BRQ, IAD B, land, B…

… 2C > BRQ, j.B…B, land, B…

… 2C > 22C > BRQ, dash B or 3C…


- Team Combos

100% vs Ippatsuman (2 Meter)

100% (45,238) vs Ken (1 Meter, BRQ)

- Misc Stuff / Tricks

30,081 vs Karas (1 Meter, 1 Assist)

23,342 vs Ippatsuman (BRQ)

42,479 vs Joe (2 Meter, BRQ, 1 Reset)

100% (44,776) vs Joe (2 Meter, BRQ, 1 Reset)

25,679 vs Karas (BRQ)

32,175 vs Karas (1 Assist, BRQ)

Amazing stuff. Sorry to keep repeating myself on the input thing, but it’d really help when trying to remember some of those combos. Megaman’s attacks go by so fast that I find myself rewinding it back over and over just to figure out what you did at certain parts.

Also, great Soki combos. I used to think that he, and Megaman, had almost no combos, but now they look much better. =D

I will work on transcribing the combos… but it’s going to take a while. I’d rather focus on finding new ones! However, if you need anything specific explained, feel free to ask!

This is a very good idea.

Hey Trag, when you are doing dive kicks in the corner are you using light or medium? Also what strength of kick are you using for mid screen?

Nice collection

I’m wondering how this one works without the opponent escaping the first reset in the combo below though, is the attack you use for the reset air unblockable or is there some other trick to it? (Perhaps something to do with Soki assist having wallbounce?)

45,946 vs Ryu (1 Meter, 2 Assists, 2 Resets)

Thanks for your answer.

Most corner loops are going to use medium kicks. The midscreen loop uses the light version.

It’s not an inescapable reset like the air-grab. It’s just…a reset.

Ah thanks for clearing that up.

in that corner loop video he does:
3 medium dive kicks (three B’s)
then 2 medium and 1 heavy ( two B’s and a C)
then 2 medium and 1 light (two B’s and an A)

before the air combo

and midscreen is also B, but I think the last one can be C

trag: big thank you for the vids, they help the community a lot.

NP dori!

As for Dive Kicks, dori basically explained it. However, it’s pretty easy to see if you just take a quick look. A aims downwards, B aims a about a 45 degree angle, and CV is much more horizontal. With practice, you can judge which one you should used based on how close to the ground you are.

It would be pretty crazy if Soki’s assist had wallbounce… but it doesn’t.

Trag, I know I’ve said it before but thanks again for all these great combos. Are you doing more characters? I’d be interested in seeing if you’re able to come up with something for Saki

Yeah I was getting confused after spending too long using it to combo after a wallbounce.:blush:

I’m actually thinking of putting together a Saki combo vid that isn’t focused on the Saki/Tekka combination, so a video that shows off her solo combo potential, as well as her potential with various other characters . She has lots of other interesting things. I’m also thinking of putting together a Chun basics vid. I have all the time in the world tomorrow so I might have the Saki vid up by tomorrow evening.

Edit: But yeah, I’d like to see what you could find with her as well.
Edit 2: I’m also working on a Saki/Tekka Part II vid… I’ve found some more stuff. It’s all a bit gimmicky, but still really interesting.

30,038 vs Ryu (1 Meter)

30,511 vs Ryu (No Meter, No Assist, No BRQ)

Updated to 30k+ dmg.

traq your ability to find combos is scary… hoping to see you discovering things with Ken :slight_smile:

Re-Uploaded the combo to showcase 30k dmg. Had to change something around to get that much dmg!

Nice, never thought Roll could do that much meterless, safe to say you smashed the 30k challenge and bonus.

With assists I’m wondering if using a Polimar assist and a 236b instead of the last relaunch in your combo, charging the broom during the assist and then aircomboing into the wallbounce and carrying on from there would be possible?

I know that this works outside the combo but dunno if hitstun scaling would stop it working in your combo.

Iduno, it would probably work. Roll’s hits are quick enough that she can usually keep the combo going. The hardest part is getting the right timing for the 3C launch in the beginning (which really iisn’t too hard) and the AB(1)C3C launch later in the combo. Perhaps the chain into launch won’t work again after too many hits. I can test it out tonight.

I have a theory to get another launch without any assist, but it’s so timing intensive, it might not be possible. I’m going to try that tonight as well!

Well dang. I was gonna give a month of premo to the person who beat the Roll 30k challenge with a bonus, but uh… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m off to go practice that combo. :slight_smile: