Trail #24 help

I’m having a weird issue with this challenge.

I do this challenge in the corner and can do everything fine up to the EX Tatsu, which always throws dan across the screen.


if I put dan in the corner and test out a normal CL.K into EX Tatsu, he stays in the corner for the juggle and I can follow with a EX Shoryuken.

Any idea on why Dan is being thrown across the screen instead of staying in the corner?

EDIT: Never mind, I got it. Apparently I was doing the too far from Dan, so when I did the EX tatsu it would throw him outwards. I had to jump in further away with my but do the actual really late for it all to work.

What I did was I kept Dan a bit away from the wall. You start the j. hk as far as possible and aim to hit the mid-section, that’ll get the link to come out. Its such a demanding combo that I don’t think it’ll ever be used in an actual match. These trials have just been a test in frustration for me.

I’m finding these trials easier than Ryu’s or Ibuki’s. I’m stuck at 22 on Ibuki’s. Ryu’s I can’t remember where I am but it’s not in the 20’s yet. For some reason I can hit Akuma’s links. I might switch to him as my main if I find I enjoy playing him more than Ibuki.