wow they just showed the stark scene of the hulk in a trailer during the finals…wtf?!

i knew it was gonna be in the movie but mang i wanted to see it, not be ruined by a damn commercial.

trailers have gone too far.

They’re obviously trying to get fans of Iron Man into the movie.

but seriously thats fucked up. i dont care if ur an iron man fan u already know its in the movie…dont spoil it

It may be fucked up but it’s a good idea marketing wise.
Iron Man is hot right now.

Most people that went to see Iron Man were non-comic fans, so drawing them into another Marvel movie by showing them that they’re connected in some way will get people interested in seeing it that might not already have been.

umm it was no big secret that stark was gonna be in the hulk movie. quit bitching

its not a secret he was gonna be in it…but its a bigger deal when they actually show it and not save it for the movie.

That makes a lot of sense actually. I think comic fans are going to have to let go of comic into movie gripes and just sit back and enjoy.:wink:

There’s a ton of crap comic movies, but it didn’t stop me, or any of us from watching all of em knowing that.

But still it sucks to have juicy morsel like that given away. :shake:

Think of it this way, you don’t have to sit through those shitty credits :wgrin:

I was personally surprised and annoyed that they showed the Stark scene, but like it was said earlier, I figured they were trying to get as many butts in the seats as possible.

It still sucks though.

Um yeah I stayed away from stuff like this so I could not have Hulk spoiled for me.

PS I hate you all. I’m the mod, I have to read all this stuff. :wasted:

Nah I kind of knew about it already, wasn’t sure if it was just a rumor though. :looney:

Go go Marvel movie continuity! Now get all these movie stars together and make Secret Wars - THE MOVIE! Tobey McGuire beating up Hugh Jackman and the rest of the X-Men on Battleworld, you know you want to see it! What’s Michael Jackson doing? Get him to play Secret Wars 2 Beyonder, BRILLIANT! Oh and Daredevil wasn’t in Secret Wars so no Ben Affleck - BONUS! :rofl:

Yeah yeah different rights / studios boooo… :arazz:

Random pro wrestlers as the wrecking crew would be great :rofl:

King Booker- Thunderball.

Randy Orton- Piledriver.

Bulldozer- Big Show.

Wrecker- Triple H.

Can you dig it?

Man that would be so sweet. But corny as a heck.

lmao@ the rock, King Booker, and Hulk plus more as the wreaking creaw

Yeah for the Thor movie I figured Loki is a given for a villain, but someone else for those big action scenes to go toe to toe with Thor would be nice.

I was thinking Absorbing Man or the Wrecker would be a good fit, since their origins were both possible due to Loki.

they need Hercules so that he can clown Thor at every opportunity and hog the spotlight.

This is the worst rant thread ever.