wonder if anyone can help me with my guile and maybe my abel. my sn on xbox is X8StOnErB8X. This would be much appreciated. and if im breaking some forum rule right now im sry. As u can tell im new.


I’ll train you


cool just send me an invite, I cant go on today though tommorow is good.


my screen name is under my username to the left… send me a friend request


You had some decent cross ups with Abel, but you didn’t block nearly enough. I had a lot of free jump ins that cost you quite a bit. Guile high kick-flashkick after Abel’s roll is something interesting I discovered on you. I think I landed this 3 times. I found my mic a while after you signed off. Hit me up again sometime.


Hey Dragon’ I could use some bouts too…sending you a FR on LIVE now…


what happened to you? I sent you an invite and then nothing…


I would like some training as well Dragon.

I remember playing you on live once yer pretty good.


What’s your screen name on XBL?