training buddy


hey guys, i got ultra yesterday and looking for some games / or help. im eu and my psn is my screen name.
having trouble picking a main character.


umm did i post in the wrong place again?


i know it sounds redundant, but i think you´d be better off making a second thread regarding your difficulty picking a main character somewhere in the sf4 section. hopefully you found some people to play online.

as far as picking a character goes…i would suggest playing the trials. first play the trails for the characters you have an intial interest in. then play the the trials for the rest of the cast. you don´t have to complete all the trials for any one character. that´s one way to get a feel for the characters and try out different play styles. pick a few characters if you can´t narrow it down to one. it´s good to have other characters to choose from for counter picking, or just to change things up. good luck out there.


yeah thanks ive already used trial mode