Training courses

How do you all train with your characters?

do you learn a combo by doing so many reps with it, then move on to the next one?
and if thats the case, how many straight reps can you do with the combo before you consider it “down”.

However many reps it takes till you can do it against a computer opponent, then an online opponent, then a tournament opponent.

Training is more about being wholly familiar with your character and less about combos. BnB combos are good if you’re certain you can get them off in a clutch situation.

I go into Player Matches, throw away my other two characters, and then spend the remainder of the match practicing with the third.

constant battles after battles.

Learn the basic combos then just play. Go for harder shit later.

If all you do in training mode is learn combos you will never truly get better and lose a lot. Straight Up. Combos suck if you can’t play the actual game properly.