Training Drills


Hi! I’m expecting to be playing some fighting games at an upcoming convention. It’s not often I get to play against other people, so I want to make sure that my skills are kept sharp. Are there any tips you guys can share with me in terms of running drills for moves or combos that I can train with? The games I’m most likely to play are MvsC2, SFA3, SFIII3S, Melty Blood, with the possibility of CvSNK2 and some of the older Marvel and Vs. games.

That being the case, it would take a while to bring up each character I like using, but if there are any general exercises you guys can recommend, I’d appreciate it! Combos, moves, dummy settings… Whatever you guys can recommend! How do you guys train when you’re alone?

Thanks in advance!


You’re asking way too much. No one is going to list all the nuances for these games. Go to the strategy section and look for yourself.


I dunno if I’m asking too much… I’m not looking for every detailed strategy for each game. If there’s just one aspect of one of those games that someone thinks is important and that I should focus on and sharpen, I’d love to hear about that… Things that most people tend to underappreciate or practice exercises.

Like I said, what do you guys tend to practice against a training dummy?


Just combos, really. My execution for specials and what-not is almost flawless. That’s not to say I’m good at fighting games, though. Far from it. There’s only so much you can do with a dummy. (Unless it’s a realdoll.)


ROM and youll win at life


See, THAT’S what I’m asking for… (Except for the bit about the realdoll. :confused: )

I could look up some common combos and practice them for a while. You’re right in that button execution is pretty key…



Combos is the obvious thing, but in terms of CvS2 learn some safe block strings also learn to punish whiffs and make the most of open oppertunites.


melty blood:

learn to mash really hard… not kidding either


Truth. Also, try to familiarize yourself with the differences in attack strength when it comes to your specials. Sometimes you can follow behind a lp fireball, othertimes you’ll want the speed the fp fireball has. Take mental notes on recovery times, and set-ups. For instance, if your opponent is the type that will jump over a hadouken (using a shoto example, naturally), throw one in the hopes that they’ll do just that, and make them swallow a shoryuken.

Don’t forget, you can bring the training mode dummy to life. See what it falls for, and what it doesn’t. There’s a world of difference between AI and real opponents, but some things will work on both plains.


If you dont know any one good at these games then this is what I’d do

  1. Find a friend and teach him how to play. Once two people are on similar levels they’re actually skill level will increase at such a fast pace rate

  2. Train against a dummy. Do combo’s, tricks any thing that requires tough execution. However, doing this won’t show you how to pull it out mid game so beware.


For Melty Blood, I suggest coming up with some good guard strings. Setting the dummy to all guard and finding the quickest ways to switch up your string with Reverse Beat and overheads is important.

3S, I’d suggest working on hit-confirm with the character you use. It’s important with UOH and stuff like that. Defenitely punshing whiffs and coming up with a corner game is good.

SFA3, assuming you use V-ism is to find reliable setups.


that fun magneto infinite you always see


practice combos, play alot


The only thing you REALLY need to practice is playing against real, thinking people. You are going to get thrown SO much…


I appreciate everyone’s advice (especially the Melty Blood ones), even those with just general/beginner tips. I’ve actually been playing fighting games for a while, but since all my local arcades are pretty much gone, I’ve lost touch with other players in my area. I’m hoping to make new contacts at this convention so that I’m not limited meeting people once a year.

So for now, all I really have is me playing single player on my consoles to practice. From the suggestions I get from you guys, now I have a better idea of what areas I should prioritize when keeping up with my studies! :wgrin:


Its all mindgames, ghost. Thats 80% of the game, and its the one thing you cant practice alone. The CPU wont react like a human, or rush you down randomly like a human.

You have to do what I did back in 1997. Meet a few people willing to play (even if you are beating them), and when you are all finally on the same level, you will all start to advance. Then, start small friendly tournaments and see if there is any more local flavor you are missing,.


Have you taken a look at the SRK Wiki?


Yes, I have… And like I said, I’m not looking for strategies. I’m looking for routine exercises.