Training Dummy Questions


Who do you guys pick, and what move, to test meaty and safe jump setups?

Also, I tried setting Ryu to spam dragon punches, but for some reason there is always a delay for him doing it after a knockdown.

How do I get him to do it exactly on wakeup?


You can’t, you can’t set the dummy to do certain moves on wakeup. The training mode in SSFIV/USFIV is not extensive enough.
The way to test things is doing it in backwards way. You pick the character you want to test things against as player 1, you pick the character you want to do a setup with as player 2, things like meaties, option selects, safejumps etc.

Example, pick Ryu as player 1, pick the character you use as player 2. Record the setup you want with your character and play it back. With Ryu you can now do wakeup dragonpunches or anything else while the dummy does the setup.

It is annoying to be unable to select the moves you want the dummy to perform on wakeup but this game has been out for so long at the time they Capcom didn’t foresee how important an extensive training mode would be. Atleast you have online training now in USFIV so you can test things easily with a buddy.


Ah, thanks Lock.

That is a counter intuitive way to go about it, but whatever works! :slight_smile: