Training for CvS2

Hey guys, i have a lame question, i’m curious if anyone would be willing to give me some good ideas on how to get better at cvs2, such as certain things to start doing, whether it be learning bnbs to timing and frame data, anything would help, i’m pretty serious about getting better, and so i’d appreciate it if someone would take me seriously. Also i know the first step would be to buy a good stick. Thanks guys.

imo, here’s a impromptu list of things that’ll help in order of highest priority to least

1.find a place with constant/good comp
2.find people around your level who are willing to get together to play a bunch of times.
3.learn a few bnb/tactics from the forums or vids and try to apply them. learn more combo/tactics after you can get a solid game going with basic combo/tactics. mode with execution of basic/intermediate comboes, and apply mode with a couple mixups/strings and apply. learn more as you get used to the first few mixups of choice
6. Practice RC execution or parry/JDing in training mode after you get 1-5 down.
7. read forums for more details on what else you can do and bits and pieces of miscellaneous info.
**if you’re looking to be able to compete in arcades, you probably want to get a stick asap). i personally use a masstick(p360, convex button). there are a lot of other good sticks out there, you can ask around for that in other threads(not sure which ones).

optional but useful tips:
-don’t give a shit about what people say about so and so being cheap, etc. if you wanna get good, you do cheap shit and abuse it till there’s very little holes around it.
-don’t whine or bitch out loud with strangers, as people look down on you if you’re a crybaby( i hate it when people i don’t know bitch to me about so and so not working).
-don’t get frustrated in game(at least dont’ get frustrated to the point where you can’t concentrate on what you practiced). if something fucks you up in game, just keep in mind what it is that is beating you, try to adapt to it in game, if that fails, dont’ sweat it. while you wait for your turn or go home, think about whatever is it that beat you and think about as many options you can think of that MAY get around it.

this is all i can think of right now.

eh about that stick, MAS is fuckin awesome…but if you wanna go budget, i would get a x-arcade. people say it sucks and its hard to get used to at first, but its a good stick if you jus use it all the time.
i use MAS and x-arcade and believe it or not, i use the x more than the MAS. you can get em’ off ebay for cheap at good prices “refurbished”, but they’re like new. i also think theres a forum about x-arcades here on shoryuken if your interested.

Learn how to roll cancel and at least five different A-groove custom combos for every character. Give advice non-stop to other people, but then start asking other people for tips once you realize you can’t win. When the other person suggests that you work on your anti-air, practice your throw timing (so you can consistently throw against wake-up RC’s and also stop accidently getting d.LP, close s.HP instead of d.LP, throw), and/or to become more open minded with your attitude, become defensive, hostile, and reply with something like “I KNOW how to anti-air already!”, “I KNOW how to play already, I just need to work on my execution”, or “Fuck gamers”.

  1. dont buy an x-arcade, its a HUGE waste of money. you can get a pelican stick, mod it with a competition stick and convex buttons for cheaper and have a decent thing to play on.

you can use pad to get a feel for the game but once you have that it would be a good idea to buy something. get a mas or dreaded fist makes good custom joysticks so whatever you want.

learn how to play your characters. what normals are good. what attributes help out his or her game. what buttons to push in different situations. learn what is and isnt safe and learn all of his special moves and think about what uses they might have. learn how to play your character in the groove they are in. learn how each groove attribute works and how it can help out your play and your characters

next thing you want to do is learn basic combos. learn combos that require meter and are meter-free. get proficient enough so you wont jack them up in game.

next learn how to punish different things with your character. somethings are self explanitory but somethings may require a bit of experimenting/question asking. learn the best way to punish something instead of just the easiest way. this is the spot like 95% of cvs2 players dont do a goood job of learning (including me). there are more opportunities to punish than you may think and it can definitely help your game out. but make sure you get the other stuff down first.

it would really help out some of these things if you played with someone good who you could ask questions. try making the long trip out to svgl on like a friday night or something. svgl has the best cvs2 players in the usa if you ask me.

edit: dont listen to shit like “LEARN A GROOVE.” play what you want and who you want. but eventually you will have to become super proficient in every aspect of your groove, be it RCing, parrying, JDing, counterattacking, airgaurding etc.

My friend GTF is looking to selling his Dreadedfist stick. It’s PS2, six buttons on the front, start and select on the side, Sanwa buttons and joystick. There are also quick connects plugs already installed on the wires and he has both octagonal and square gate. The stick is the exact same one that Smoothbitch and Chinese Guy play on, only GTF’s is customized with the black paint and red buttons and has the picture of Akuma as the art. He’s asking $90 USD but price is negotiable.

PM him at “johnaero” if interested. I know I am myself, but I have like four sticks at my house already.

90 bucks for a df stick is a good price, considering my sanwa custom was 170.

yes it is, i would consider it if i wasnt broke.