Training for offline events?


I’ve been playing SF4 for a bit, started out playing it on my ipod back in 2011, then I moved onto AE 2012 for the PC, and now I’ve moved on to Ultra for Xbox.

Been an online warrior for a bit now, and I think I could do ok in an USF4 tournament. (probably Civil War VII when that comes around) I’ve looked at a few articles that say about training offline, but there isn’t much of a scene (that I know about yet) in the area where I live (Hampton Roads, VA) and my friends won’t be convinced to get into fighting games.

Also, I’ve read some stuff that says when you’re in training mode, that its a good idea to practice matchup knowledge, but I don’t know what they mean by that.


Matchup knowledge is basically knowing how to react to what character your opponent picks. If you pick character X, you should know what characters he’s got a good chance of beating and what characters would statistically win. Knowing what to do in a bad matchup is vital to victory, but that really goes without saying.

About your offline training, there’s a matchmaking category somewhere on this site. If you can’t drive very far, you’ll have to keep with the online shit, but keep talking to people. Networking is a good way to find out about places and people who are willing to play.